How did you discover Zcash?

Here is the space to share how you discovered Zcash.

I discovered Zcash at a very difficult time, during the pandemic.

Initially I started buying Bitcoin cash, I found the approach very interesting, a way to make the blockchain network more efficient.

Shortly after, researching more about Bitcoin cash, I realized that their approach wasn’t exactly what I thought, so I started researching other cryptocurrencies, until I found a post on the internet that talked about Edward Joseph Snowden and Zcash, This motivated me to want to understand more about Zcash.

At the time, I joined the Zcash community on Discord, I interacted with Josh, but as I don’t know English, I found it very difficult to follow Discord and I ended up uninstalling Discord, I created an account here in the community using the same name I used on Discord, but due to difficulties with English I ended up giving up and stopped joining the community here.

I followed the news about Zcash only through the ECC blog posts, when zooko published the innovations in Zcash.

Through 1 ZEC = 7 BTC meme

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