Newbie to the Zcash community. Looking to learn

Hi all,
Long time crypto enthusiast, first dabbling with crypto circa mid 2017. I finally started looking into p2p projects and have an equal holding of Bch, Xmr and Dcr (p2p crypto wise).

I remember seeing zcash years ago but didn’t really research it at the time (didn’t really have a clue back then)

This year whilst picking up a little XMR, I decided to look into Zcash, unfortunately I read tons of comments and opinions on the Reddit forums that I frequent and the majority of the time it’s bashing Zcash.

The comments were usually aimed at privacy issues, network congestion with shielded transactions and apparently devs stating back doors could be implemented for gov agencies, this is just a brief summary but there are many more etc.

Is there a grain of truth to anything mentioned?

As I’m relatively new , do you have a good resources links etc for any newbie to the community/ project as a whole to read/learn more.

Ended up a bit of a wall so thank you for reading and appreciate any comments/input in advance.

Cheers all.


No. most, if not all, of the things monero bros say about Zcash are not true. (Zcash is currenty under a spam attack)

Here is a link to ZecHub. Here you will find most resources on Zcash.



This was never said. There’s a quote that people mostly like misunderstanding, about how criminals tend to make other mistakes like using centralized on ramps and off ramps, such that ordinary police work is still viable.

You can read it for yourself and make up your own mind

Normally try to stay out of hopeless framing battles but this is on my mind after a frustrating family conversation where this quote came up so I’ll burn a dumb post on it


Appreciate the info will have a read. I thought I’d ask here since it was very one sided and the subs are like an echo chamber.

Appreciate the reply, will have a read. That’s the problem the majority of the time something misunderstood and blown out of proportion and repeated until it’s touted as common knowledge.


This might be a bit basic for someone in crypto since 2017, but you can check out this video to learn the origin and motivation for Zcash: Future Money: What Is Zcash (ZEC)? - YouTube.

There’s also another video on the same channel that discusses the recent Halo upgrade and Edward Snowden’s secret role in helping start Zcash: Why Edward Snowden Helped Launch Zcash - YouTube.

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Hi Danjwilko, completing a zcash transaction, taking the transaction Id searching it helps you see an immediate difference from other coin transactions. Installing zcashd helps a lot to understand what’s available to work with, however just using one of the light wallets is cool too. ,
Good luck

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Appreciate the reply, well it’s still info either way so I’m game.

Il have a look thank you.

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Ok cool, nice little tip will try and keep that in mind.