How I Approach ZCG Members

Hi folks!

I’m writing this to let folks know that ZingoLabs initiates 1-1 private conversations with anyone who’s willing to converse.


ZingoLabs received a grant from the ZCG to provide an Orchard supporting application, “Zingo”.

We produced that application (check it out on the Android App store, if you’d like to use ZEC-Orchard), along with numerous additional benefits to the community:

  • the first successful implementation of NU5 parsing in a lightclient
  • code-review on core libraries (librustzcash and orchard)
  • innovations in UX such that original-request UAs are preserved in change memos
  • collaboration with the community on projects like ZIP317
  • innovations in transaction processing to allow efficient sync in SandBlasting environments
  • the first usable UAs


I’ll be posting more about Zingo soon, ping me if you’re curious. (Spoiler, we’re currently navigating Apple Application Store regulations.)

The purpose of this post is to broadcast to the community that as a successful grant applicant and recipient, who completed the contracted work, ZingoLabs has and will continue to approach ZCG members with proposals/arguments/etc.

I’ll also approach candidates and former members on behalf of ZingoLabs…

In fact, I’ll be approaching many community members wearing my In The Interest of ZingoLabs hat. You can count on it.

If you are a ZCG member and I haven’t approached you about Zingo yet… well… it’s only a matter of time.


Users who use it will be happy Always support :+1: