Implement Orchard

ZingoLabs is implementing Orchard in its mobile app!

The astute might recall this:

Conspicuously not appearing in this application:

  • Privacy Enhancement Fee
  • Direct Feature Bids
  • Multi-Signature Spends
  • Sync Upgrades

Does ZingoLabs still aim for a self-sustaining application that aligns ZEC user and developer incentives?! Yes! That’s the plan… where we’re heading…

Is it within the scope of this grant? No!

Since we began work on our vision for a sustainable, reliable, intuitive user-facing zcash app… it has become clear to us that the environment is more dynamic than anticipated!

Which is exciting! But, is also a strong signal that we should focus on components that will certainly be relevant now, and push them to a state of completion before scheduling the next set of tasks.

We have a great deal of uncertainty about the transaction volume (in any pool) going forward. We’re aware of rapid development on zcashd, and zebrad, and warp-sync.

It’s not clear how those variables (transaction-volume and transaction-state) will change moving forward.

Therefore we’re staying focused on our Orchard implementation.

How do we fit into the wider economy?

  • our Orchard/Wallet implementation aims for portability, so we will be efficient at porting our solution to wallets
  • we’re refactoring our code to ease building against WASM for web-based applications free2z/ZUUL
  • we’re opening PRs against librustzcash and orchard
  • we’re providing test tools to facilitate lightwalletd-proxy testing

This is just a basic prototype logo, but I thought people might be interested in seeing a larger version of the image. :slight_smile: