How long should re-sync take?

I have restarted my zcashd daemon after a couple of years down and updating to 2.1.2
and I note the glacial pace of re-sync:

     Downloading blocks | 225558 / ~820760 (27%)
           Next upgrade | Overwinter at block height 347500, in around 211 days
            Connections | 8
  Network solution rate | 304956521 Sol/s

Mining is paused while downloading blocks.

it got to 20% quickly but 5 days later only at 27% with almost no cpu activity.
is this to be expected?
if so, can a more up-to-date blockchain be downloaded/torrented?

Hello! Full sync on my macbook pro 2018 takes about 16 hours.
Perhaps it is better to try ZecWallet Lite?
If the task is to open the old addresses, then I could upload the synchronized node to the torrent.
I will write an introduction, but in any case, you will need to reindex the wallet.

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Link to the torrent-file
This is a zip archive.
The wallet and zcashd must be disabled.
The archive contains two folders: \blocks\ and \chainstate.
Folders need to be copied here:
• Windows: %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\Zcash
• macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Zcash/
Then start the wallet.

download underway.
many thanks.
it will be interesting to see if it can catch up and proceed normally.

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I got to 9Gb of torrent download when the concurrently running zcashd % went up to 86% and a few hours afterwards had completed and proceeded to mine.
which just goes to show the % is in no way a linear marker of progress.
so thanks for your assistance all the same :slight_smile:

incidentally, are you aware of any efforts to shoehorn into the code a replacement for the tromp solver that takes advantage of a gpu?
if I can get my head around the algorithm I think I will try for a naive implementation - first iteration might well be faster than the inbuilt solver!

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@Shawn , who could answer? I’m not ready.

There has been no plans to update the built-in Equihash solver because ASICs are so much more powerful that CPU or GPU can’t compete.

If it was updated it would need to use the GPU and be able to connect with a pool. It’s not something the developers are focusing on.

There is a spot when syncing that the blocks were larger than normal (maybe during 2017 pump?) and once you get over that hump it flys faster :slight_smile:

that equihash belongs to the asics now means there’s no point in running a cpu/gpu node any more? distributed mining must have been a pipe-dream all along and the future for all crypto currencies must be in the hands of a few.

It is unfortunate that the dream of 1CPU = 1 Vote as Satoshi had envisioned, but CPU/GPU/ASIC manufacturing never stands still so it inevitably leads to those with higher capital/resources having an advantage.

after my chain caught up with the latest and then a few power outages, my instance no
longer brings itself up tot date.
I tried beginning from this torrent but then it gets stuck at exactly the same place:

     Downloading blocks | 903005 / ~944380 (95%)
           Next upgrade | Unknown
            Connections | 2
  Network solution rate | 3898323835 Sol/s

Mining is paused while downloading blocks.

I then deleted blocks/* and blocks/index/* and chainstate/* and downloaded all from the network again.
and it gets stuck at exactly the same place!
what more can I do?

Ensure you are using the current version, this looks similiar to the heartwood/zecwallet bug which was a seperate issue but got stuck on that same block
Perhaps that reconsider_block command, its here somewhere hang on
(Close, thats +5 blocks vs 903000)

yep, upgraded to v3.1 and it has now sailed through the blocker and caught up.