Zcashd full node - slowed to a crawl since 10/2022 blocks

I’m trying to figure out what the secret is to getting zcashd all caught up. It was screaming fast up to around October 2022 blocks and then came almost to a standstill. If my math is right it will take another 147 days to catch up from 10/2022 to present day. I’m sure it’s something I need to adjust but after reading other comments, it seems I’m missing it. Here is the setup.

Running on debian buster, updated and running clean.
Inside a container handled by proxmox
32gb memory
200tb drive

zcashd.conf is empty. Not sure what setting i need to tweak to make it fly again.

Not sure if this stat info helps but here is what it shows:

“locked”: {
“used”: 3488,
“free”: 62048,
“total”: 65536,
“locked”: 65536,
“chunks_used”: 104,
“chunks_free”: 2

“version”: 5030250,
“build”: “v5.3.2”,
“subversion”: “/MagicBean:5.3.2/”,
“protocolversion”: 170100,
“walletversion”: 60000,
“balance”: 0.00000000,
“blocks”: 1856850,
“timeoffset”: 0,
“connections”: 8,
“proxy”: “”,
“difficulty”: 116700625.4891274,
“testnet”: false,
“keypoololdest”: 1673793907,
“keypoolsize”: 101,
“paytxfee”: 0.00000000,
“relayfee”: 0.00000100,
“errors”: “”,
“errorstimestamp”: 1674740101

Thank you.

Near block 1.7M it will slow down from spam transactions and the time to sync will increase but I synced a 1-core (2 logic threads) device in 10 days about a month ago. 147 days is a bit excessive for your device so the problem may lie elsewhere. Buster is supported but the target is bullseye now, you may consider upgrading to jammy in some manner (I run a node on Lubuntu 22, works fantastic). I dont know about proxmox but if it makes it run externally (virtually) then it may be affecting the performance vs running it natively.

Thank you. That explains it. I am going to to move over to bullseye and reinstall. And will also see if there are external issues causing it to slow further. Thanks again.

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Cool, let us know how it goes

We have just identified a performance regression that could occur in some wallet scenarios, that was introduced by our previous performance fixes for chain scanning. We have a proposed fix we are reviewing, and it will be in 5.4.0 (likely next week); if you want to test it sooner, you can try reindexing with 5.4.0-rc3 once that is tagged in a day or so.


Ok, that did the trick - fully in sync. I will start another post for a different issue (the reason why I setup zcashd to start with). Now that this is all set, I can move to the bigger issue. Thanks again.


Awesome, I’m oddly excited to see this bigger issue as well!

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5.4.0? I thought that version had released already

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Not yet, we’ve had multiple 5.4.0-rcN releases as we’ve found and fixed issues during Q/A testing. 5.4.0 should get released this week.

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