How many people can access Antminer Z9 mini and mining

how many people can access Antminer Z9 mini and mining

For me, mining supposed to le teveryone easy to access. Is not everyone can afford ASIC miner to do mining.

Depending on how you look at it, the Z9 is actually cheaper than many GPUs.

Mining is about competition, not about easy access. It’s the whole point of proof of work, when the competition gets harder the network is stronger.

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More accessible than GPU for sure.


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GPUs are expensive too. The ASIC is way cheaper compared to the same hashes on a 12x Nvidia 1080 ti system.

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They are cheaper but I would not expect to make more money with these. The profit will simply go down to align with the price.

Why do people keep saying ASICs are cheaper compared to hashrate of GPUs? As soon as ASICs start getting in the hands of users, you will no longer make $30-$40 a day, and based on other coins will only be making $2-5 a day at MOST in two month after they are released.

If you were to spend that money right now on a $2100 GPU rig, they currently would make about $4 - $6 a day. Wow odd how them numbers are so close to ASICs in 2 months. Its because Bitmain has done the math, Only people that will benefit right now are the rare few who get thiers first.


Doing a little more maths (Math not even once), Judging what other coins difficulty did when ASICs were introduced, within a month or 2 it will jump 5x-20x. Lets look at the profits including that difficulty now.

At 5x current difficulty $6 a day - Easily reached when ASICs are released

At 10x current difficulty $3 a day - Will probly hit this in 1 months time after release.

At 20x current difficulty barely making $1 a day - Will probly hit this in 2-3 months time after release.

These numbers are based on what happened to other coins, and are a estimate. People just see the ASIC numbers and run the current difficulty and think they will have a money printing machine, not doing thier research on what happened to the difficulty when ASICs are released.

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Your view is simplistic as you can’t predict the increase in difficulty and also the profitability in terms of USD is a function of ZEC/USD. Also the difficulty doesn’t spike in one day.

Another way to do the math:

The difficulty is adjusted every block. So if extra 100M Sol/s “pops out of nowhere” the difficulty will be adjust in an instant.

yes but since building hardware and distributing takes a long time you won’t see a spike.

What are you talking about?

ASIC equihash miners will be shipped at the end of next month. They are not going to send 1 miner a day, but possibly thousands/tens-of-thousands a day… Difficulty will rise quickly IF majority have not been plugged into the network already. If they are already all plugged in, the network hashrate will actually drop a little bit.

Anyone can predict the increase its easy, 42…, but on a serious note, Anyone can estimate the difficulty based on other coins that have done the same thing. Its not hard to see patterns and make a educated prediction, would I bet my life on it no, but this gives you a idea atleast.

I estimate it like this: It takes about $15000 to do 10k sol/s now with GPU’s to make $32.13 currently. Divide that by 7 which is roughly the same ROI and you get $4.59 per day. I think it will be closer to $6-$8 a day after the first month or two. There is so much forking talk that I think they won’t sell that many of them initially.

As a soon owner of one, I am a bit curious how many they sold.

hard to say, but I would guess they have about 3 million of the total hashrate to sell off, so maybe 300 units or which seems very small…so?

If that’s the case I think people are blowing this out of proportion.

Not really. You can have a insane difficulty from high hash power with only a hand full of participants with ASIC, so that argument doesn’t really stand up. Few participants means very centralized which means vulnerable to all sorts of shenanigans.

I would say at least 5k units first batch, I personally imagine around 10-25k units…