How many ZEC does Zcash Foundation have?

Hello, i want to know how many ZEC does Zcash Foundation have?or where i can find zcash foundation’s address to check its balance??? is their balance trasparent???thank you!

Zcash Foundation has an allocation of approx 3% of the 21M total Zcash that will be issued.

Check out @bcrypt’s Tweet:

And No, the Foundation doesn’t have all of thier funds in a transparent address, that wouldn’t be very Private for the Foundations employees, contractors, and businesses they have to pay.


Just to clarify, it’s actually roughly ~3% of the reward during the Founders’ Reward (e.g. the first ~4 years), and the amount of pledged ZEC is slightly less; the total amount the Foundation will receive is roughly ~260,000 ZEC.

These are not “official” numbers, but happy to share the current state of our ZEC holdings all the same: we’ve spent ~25,000 ZEC, and thus have around 235,000 ZEC remaining in pledged ZEC. We plan on publishing a more thorough “state of finances” early next year.


your transparency is incredible.


ok~ thanks for your answer~~:star_struck:

got it~ thank you~:blush: