How much Zcash do I have?

When I run “zcash-cli listunspent” it says “amount” : 1.32233135".

Does that mean I own 1,3 ZED which are worth about 65 USD?

I’m asking because I’m having problems to restart the zcash daemon (it says “EXCEPTION: St13runtime_error”) and if it’s only 65 bucks I’m just gonna delete everything :wink:

(ZCash has been a total disappointment for me …)

if you're gonna delete the wallet.dat, DON'T! email me the wallet.dat file and I'll spend it!

No, seriously, every zec counts over here supporting my ports to Windows and other platforms!

or just do what's in this topic, save your wallet, and restart with a fresh copy of the blockchain (and make sure you've upgraded to 1.0.4):