How to broadcast a Send Raw Transaction in Zcash Explorer?

I’m in the Zcash (ZEC) Block Explorer | Explore ZEC Blockchain but I don’t have the right code to broadcast to it.

I have the code that I used to send using Postman. I need help here. Thanks.

I guess youd need to create, sign and then post there to broadcast it?

Yes out do you know the right code for this?

I’ve never actually done it before but I assume with the raw transaction cmds listed down on the right

me too but thanks so much for the link. Yes, I found it the sendrawtransaction down on the right. I shall try and revert back here. thanks again.

this is what I found out, before I can post SendRawTransaction, I need to CreateRawTransaction first in order to get the hex string. However, I’m curious. How do I get the Transaction ID in the first place for creating new transaction? Do you have idea or clue?

Did you signrawtransaction?

This api comes from bitcoin core and should work the same way.

I wouldn’t recommend using it because you can easily mess up and end up losing coins. For example, it doesn’t create a change output for you.

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Nope, I have not reached that stage yet. How does the staging process works? Meaning like this:

Create - Sign -?

Do guide me, thank you.

Thanks so much for the link. What I understand that, this is a Bitcoin Core using Console to perform this function? Kindly correct me if I’m wrong. If yes, you’re right it might cause a mess in performing transaction.

Right, but zcashd is based on bitcoin core and has inherited a part of their rpc. You can use the same functions but they won’t work with shielded addresses.

I was wondering about shielded capabilities with it as well