Sending transaction

I am having difficulty with following the instructions for sending cash -
Can someone explain how to run this command? (from public alpha guide)

./src/zcash-cli zcrawpour 01000000000000000000 “{"805b6d290100000020876b2852235d7415e4e9b8b00ed28e953cf715849c0655fad8d04cb60f0a99313030e65eba908d007b92d3fb4e8ccb9d8279698c23cc89a0cc1c4628f0266f6f6d9eab499eff588e44d8db583b23da676a":"$ZCSECRETKEY"}” ‘{“926511379d00e6a128e9f254aa2133d360e954c6cd54e7c938f96a4affebea8ccd9cc5998868141f055a4242b884f2e8eb9a0237dedbb9e2f04a378816f8e2e15c”:10,“920205e7e7a83c117929b0f39ff36e60a6d06773c6cc17f7e19caa36e85676503530d43a343642c0752aeefc2ca1621a3d47085ca9294d06cd1d68e7619cccc458”:39.8}’ 0 0.1

I assume the first part -
805b6d290100000020876b2852235d7415e4e9b8b00ed28e953cf715849c0655fad8d04cb60f0a99313030e65eba908d007b92d3fb4e8ccb9d8279698c23cc89a0cc1c4628f0266f6f6d9eab499eff588e44d8db583b23da676a - is the bucket

However, the bucket in the transaction I produced looks like this -
“bucket” :

Unless you began with the same amount of ZCash as shown in the example, you’ll have to be careful to consistently substitute the correct values where needed.

btw I also noticed some output containing a lot of zeroes last time I worked through the guide but I’m pretty sure my last attempt was successful…

How to verify if the cpu is mining testcoin?

One way is to enter:

zcash-cli getmininginfo

"blocks" : 18272,
"currentblocksize" : 0,
"currentblocktx" : 0,
"difficulty" : 0.00000000,
"errors" : "",
"genproclimit" : -1,
"networkhashps" : 75,
"pooledtx" : 0,
"testnet" : true,
"chain" : "test",
"generate" : false

does this mean I am mining? or the “generate” should be “true”?

You might like to edit (or create) your zcash.conf file according to the Running section of the Public Alpha Guide.


zcash-cli help

will produce a list of commands and this page has relevant information too: