How to get Zcash?

how to get Zcash?
buy zcash with BTC or cash?

The network is only running on the testnet right now, so you can request testnet coins in the zcash channel of IRC, mine them yourself or wait until later today and you will be able to request coins from the faucet I am currently working on.

tanks for your reply

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Definitely come to the IRC channel! Faucets abound.

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What software is suited to work well on the MAC to access your IRC channel?


I recommend Textual for Mac OS X but it costs money. Any IRC client would probably suffice.

Dea squawka,
Thats a good way of promoting
Please keep us posted once your faucet is funtional

It has been functional for quite some time

I cannot seem to get to this link. I’m looking to purchase Zcash coins. How?

Not out yet, launch is 28th October

There are many noobs here. Not saying that in a derogatory way.
I’m glad to see this project attracting fresh blood to the world of crypto.

the link directs me to this site and asks for a login. What do i do?

Agreed. I’m new blood, for sure. I’m very much interested in purchasing, since the project did launch on 10.28. How? I will search for it myself, but a quick guide or link to a how to mine ZCash procedure would be greatly appreciated. I’m a hands-on senior technical consultant, and just need to know how to get a rig going, please? Thanks!

FYI, I saw that BitMEX is selling futures contracts, but being in the USA, it seems that I cannot. I just registered for an account, and attempted to deposit Bitcoin, and got an error message saying that those in the USA cannot trade on their exchange.

So frustrating.

The project has now launched. What’s the method to purchase? Thanks!

…no point buying just now. the price is superinflated x 10000 no joke


There’s multiple exchanges but I wouldn’t personally buy at $4181 per coin :slight_smile:

373 ZEC
Total Monetary Base

Next question. I want to purchase one or several ZCash Mining Rigs like that shown at this link:

ZCash Mining Rigs

I contacted this website and never heard back. Does anyone have any options for me, as I want plug and play?


~ Mike

You are welcome to our instant exchange Changelly
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