There's a FAQ on the wiki

Please continue to ask questions here and we’ll add them to the FAQ as we have time.

Is there a rough ETA on when the live network will be let loose?

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Will there be windows binaries ?


I am really a beginner with code and linux based programming. I am sort of familiar with getting my hands dirty on my computer, but I am honestly confused looking at the guide. According to the docs folder I can install or run certain functions on my mac os? But the guide mentions that I have to run the guide through linux? Do I have to get a copy of linux running on my mac first? Or continue working on my mac?

The file I am referring to is here:

I would appreciate being pointed towards the right direction here hahaha I feel embarrassed asking how to figure this out.

Is there an Airdrop?
What will be the launch price of Z cash?
How many number of coins in total ?
On which exchanges, Z-Cash will be listed?


ChrisdahFur: That file (README_osx.txt) is inherited from upstream Bitcoin. We haven’t tried to build Zcash on OS-X yet; I’d suggest that you try to run a Linux VM on your Mac if you want to follow our progress for the time being.

anondran: The eventual limit on the money supply will be approximately 21 million ZEC, with the same difficulty curve as Bitcoin. I understand there will be a blog post soon that answers some of your other questions.

Is it possible to know the entire number of zcoins from an analysis of the blockchain?

Found this on reddit and would like to see this in the FAQ.

Is the amount converted from vanilla/transparent coin to the zcoin publicly visible or do I need to decrypt the bucket (and thus the receiving secret)?

tl;dr What is in the rawtxn output of the pour?

cryptix: yes. vpub_in and vpub_out for each Pour is public. Therefore, the total transparent value and confidential value at any point in time can be inferred from the public blockchain, assuming security of the initial parameter setup. (There will be a blog post discussing the latter.)

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