Another Testnet Faucet -

A faucet for acquiring testnet coins can be found at

If people could donate coins to the address detailed on the site it will help keep payments flowing


Are they real coins?

@mazide the only network operational right now is the testnet

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hi I am very new here so just want to find out about testnet coin, when i clicked on the above link and tried to get 50 zcash it asks for testnet coin adress, so how do I get the adress. thanx

There are no real coins yet. The only blockchain is the testnet blockchain, which will sooner or later (probably sooner) be reset, and everyone’s coins will be erased from it. Also the current software is insecure in various ways, so if you tried to use testnet coins for real value, people could probably exploit you.

There are no real coins yet! Only play-money, valueless testnet coins for testing and software development purposes.

Updated: added an entry to the Tech FAQ about this, because I can tell it is going to be frequently asked. :relaxed: GitHub - Electric-Coin-Company/dev-ci-zcash: dev-ci testing using zcash clone, synced with


thanks for your reply zooko, just keep me posted about your launch as i would like to be the part of it by doing initial invetsments in zcoin and your project seems quite promising.


I will be updating the site to the new testnet over the next 48 hours.

I have been away on other matters and missed the last month or two. Apologies for the delay in getting it updated. Feel like I have missed a ton of progress.


I think this faucet may need to be updated to the latest release again.

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I will do this later today, I have been working on my Open Bazaar project so not keeping up to speed with Zcash developments


This faucet is now running on the latest release. When someone has sent some funds to it, it will be fully operational

I’m building z5 at the moment - I’ll send anything I mine today.

I have a few zec now but they have to be protected (one individually generated input at a time it seems…) before I can spend them. I don’t know how to make protected coins transparent again to send them to your faucet address. But, if you generate a protected address and post it here or in a PM, I can try sending to it.

I’m on the other side of the same coin. I’ve pulled all my attention away from OpenBazaar to work on Zcash projects. I miss OB. Can’t wait to get back to it. So many interesting problems. :slight_smile:


What Zcash projects were you working on? :slight_smile:

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I was working on:

(1) Setting up a private mining operation as both a form of speculation and a way to support the network. This project was stopped when I saw the huge difference in hashing power in GPUs vs CPUs, but may change after the Open Sorce Miner contest completes. I don’t have access to the capital required to GPU mine at scale.

(2) Getting p2pool operational for zcash. My progress on this has been backburnered because the partner I was working with wanted to work on a for-profit project instead (see 3).

(3) Getting a for-profit, centralized mining pool started. First-mover advantage will benefit from network effect, and if it happens a lot earlier than p2pool then we’d have a good chance of keeping it locked in for a long time. This project was abandoned (by me) for both moral and other reasons. (I’m too altruistic for my own good.)

(4) Creating a free open source smartphone miner so this next ~2 billion people coming online over the next few years (mostly by way of cheaper smartphones) can participate in mining wherever/whenever they have access to free electricity and internet access. Also backburned (in part because my partners didn’t see money it, and in part because we need to see the results of the Open Source Miner Contest).

(5) Creating an automated, at-cost btc → zcash → btc mixer leveraging shapeshift to give other projects (OB in particular) access to privacy/anonymity (albeit at the cost of two trusted third parties). I might still do this one.

In the end, though, I don’t know that there is much for me to contribute. “The path forward” has been laid out by many previous crypto currencies. Get a good open source miner out. Get pool mining up. Build a GUI wallet. Write good guides. Etc.

The true innovation here is the zksnark. And the big IRL result here is uncensorable financial privacy. That’s really why I’m here. That’s all I care about.

If I can contribute along the way, great.


There are two of us working on GUI wallets:

Any contributions are welcome :wink:

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