How to know my t address?

Hello there, Zcash community!

I am trying to mine with Suprnova but as I was trying to put my z address (private address, the one we get from the command z_getnewaddress) on “Payment Address” it displayed the message: “Invalid coin address”

I think it’s because the address should be the T address, the transparent one. The thing is, I don’t know how to display the t address, only the z address. I looked it up on the github documentation and even bitcoin’s, but the only way I could get a t address is by making a new one through getnewaddress command. Does my private key stay intact or does it change if I do getnewaddress and z_getnewaddress? How do I know my t address without generating a new one?

It is the same as in Bitcoin: getaccountaddress “”

If you have zcashd running, then open up another terminal and type:
zcash-cli getaccountaddress “”

or…open a jaxx wallet…:wink: