ZCash wallet shows different balance that is on Zchain

Guys, that is it, I run the commands to see the balance of my T Address and it shows a balance different from which I see on Zchain.

Can you guys help me? Maybe I am using the wrong command?

I used

zcash-cli listreceivedbyaddress 0 true


zcash-cli listaddressgroupings

All the help is appreciate. Thanks.

I presume this is a t-Address? Can you provide the address you expect to have a balance on?

Hi, thanks for the answer. Yes, it is the T-Address
The wallet is: t1NtAym2Nm6tNCzvVdjPJpe7rUQPv8DoS6d

You can check the balance in ZCash Chain.

I was using the command getbalance and one more which I don’t remember, but both were returning a wrong balance. I want to transfer my ZCash to a exchange.

Could you please help me? I am a beginner on ZCash. Thanks.

Did you try z_getbalance on the t-addr?

Try listaddressgroupings (no arguments needed). Also double-check that your wallet is synced up - you can verify that by running getinfo and making sure “blocks” matches the value on https://explorer.zcha.in, 85203 at the time of this post.


Hi, sorry for the late response.

So I just resintalled my zcash wallet on my Lubuntu 16.04, I follow the instructions here:

But I am using my back-up of ~/.zash and ~/.zcash-params instead.

I managed to run using this command: ./src/zcashd -reindex

but when I try to get my balance, it shows 0. Different from here: Accounts - Zchain

Can someone guide me on what to do in this case? Looks like my wallet is out-of-sync or something like that. Thanks!