How to learn English?

I confess that I don’t know any English, my level is below basic. I would like to know how I could learn English and be able to at least watch a film without subtitles, understanding everything that is said.


I’m learning Spanish after almost 5 years of daily practice and still just barely starting to approach fluency. For me, it just takes a lot of time and effort. Some people are undoubtedly more gifted at language acquisition.


Many people, who are not native-English speakers, have told me that they learned English from watching television shows. Especially, Friends :joy:

Music can also be a good teacher. For me, personally, lyrics are often too abstract to help when learning a new language.

Some people, who have been joining and listening to the Zcash Global community calls, have said that this has been helpful for them to learn English.

At the Zk Av Club Weekly Workshop, in Zcash Global Discord, we are hacking on live text translation for community calls and livestreams. Join us there and we can help you with this, so you can have subtitles in whichever language is most helpful to you.

@robmarn and @vito are especially thriving with this project,
started by @Autotunafish :tada:

My final piece of advice is, speak as much and as often as possible. Most of the apps fail at this part. Which is why a classroom environment is ultimately the best place to start.

I hope this helps. Good luck!


I did learn quite a bit of English by watching TV and movies with subtitles and after some time, I realized I could turn the subtitles off for the most part.

It was a different story when I tried to speak in English, though. What helped me with that was spending a year in the US as an exchange student, so practice is very important.


English is not my first language. But I had the privilege to have a smart mom that signed me up on a public school that had 45 minutes of english every single day.

Then I studied in some institute because the school system changed (for worse).

I studied British English and then for a job I was taught US culture and accent training.

To make “the leap” I suggest watching sitcoms that actually use everyday language in English with English subtitles. If you already have watched them in your native language even dubbed or with subtitles even better. Fun is always better for learning. Linking Dopamine and learning English make your brain ask for MOAR LERNING!!!

Anyone for Zcash English club? I can spare some time weekly to discuss Zcash and practice English!


Very good, I liked the tips you all posted.

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I love this idea! :fire:

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Where are you from?

I have taken some English courses, but I have been lazy in practicing.

My best English lessons have been video games and music (the CDs that had the lyrics of the songs… old times).

I’m still learning and practicing.

One of my barriers is not knowing if I make myself understood… and the grammatical tenses: present, past, future. Sometimes I feel like I talk like the Indians in the old cowboy movies… :sweat_smile:


If one day I can communicate like a 3-year-old child, with simple words, being understood, even saying some things wrongly, it would be a great improvement.


I don’t think that one can call that laziness. If you don’t have an environment where to put your knowledge into practice your brain will just put it in a drawer someplace and mov eon with things that are perceived as more important for survival


Indeed! Since I’ve been actively participating in Zcash I’ve forced myself to talk about it and write about it more.


That’s actually a great idea. I’m for it.
If you don’t have restrictions about using discord, it would be great to make a weekly call on Zcash Global discord server, so everyone there can participate.

And since I’m learning Rust and diving into Zcash code, it would be nice to talk with the experts :smile:


The only restriction I have with discord is than I’m turning 40 this year and I don’t k ow how to use it well😂


One important thing to consider about learning English (or any other foreign language is:

What do you want to learn English for?
• Just reading, so content (including chatting and comments) can be easily understood for you
• Reading and writing, so you can make yourself understood In any English interaction.
• Improving listening skills, so you can express yousef better
• Speaking Purposes.

Why? Because the older you get, the hardest it gets to learn a second language (his is a fact.

My general advice to everyone who wants to learn a second language:

Learn naturally (like a baby does)
This process is as follows:

  • Listening: focus on listening, so you can identify words without translating in your mother language)
  • Comprehending: One relevant thing is speaking any language is develop and reinforce comprehension skills,
  • Repeating: try mimicking words and sounds. 'cause it’s not the same to say:
    Chip / Ship / Chair / Share
    Shut/ chut or Bear / Beard / Beer
  • Speaking
  • Writing (The last step of learning process): At the beginning, don’t think about how something is written. Remember yourself when learning how to write in school. You were maybe 5-6 yr-old kid.
  • Listen to music.
    Watch movies you’ve seen before with audio and captions in English. After watching the film a couple of times, try a 3rd time with no captions.
    While you’re watching, if you find a word or expresión hard to pronounce, repeat it once or twice.
    Talk in front of the mirror In that way, you’ll recognize your new accent and tone of voice.
    Record your voice: When learning a language, the new speaker develops new sounds and phonetic patters different from those their mother language has.

You can find similarities (eg: Italian and French are very similar in grammar -Latin roots- or Italian and Portuguese like: figlia / filha)


I’ve been encouraging Zcashers to learn English since Zcon4-Barcelona.

I can help for any English club idea, not only in tech topics.

Not being afraid of speaking is the 1st step forward after making your mind about learning a new language.


3 hours a day:
Grammar book
Print songs, translate and sing them 100 times until your learn the song.
Listen to conversation examples built for students


What’s the best day for this? What about Thursday afternoons?


Get with the times, youngster!

Thursday afternoons have Arborist calls once a month, just to point out.


I installed duolingo

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