How to list t_addresses

I know how to list my z_addresses but I’d like to know how to list my t_addresses. I’ve seen the question go unanswered in a few posts.

Also why does zcash-cli not show the full commands available?

good question… i was wondering the same thing

AFAIK you can’t. A bunch of 100 addresses are generated the first time.

You can see the unspent balance of your t_addrs with zcash-cli listunspent

listreceivedbyaddress 0 true

You can dump your wallet in ascii file format and it will show you your t_addresses.

./src/zcash-cli dumpwallet wallet_dump.txt

If you view the content of the file:

cat wallet_dump.txt

The first line of all the transaction is your t_address or t_addresses:

....... label= # addr=t1bzshUW4UmMZsTtxv2PfsGAc2zcLjkyQng

That is one way of finding out your t_addresses.