Mining to the same wallet

I want to mine in a couple different VMs on different machines. I was wondering if exporting a machine from one pc and importing into another on another pc would cause a conflict or would they all mine and deposit into the same original pc’s wallet? If not what would I need to change, add/remove to make it possible or would I have to transfer from separate wallets into one centralized wallet? Could that be automated into say, a daily routine. I’m new to mining and Linux so bear with the noobness lol

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It is NOT recommended:

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It was the case for bitcoin until very recently. Bitcoin Core has deterministic wallets now, so it’s not a problem there.

@x3lbsObaconx : The reason it’s not recommended is because zcashd doesn’t have deterministic wallets yet. If you use the same wallet on multiple machines, everything will work fine until the keypool in the shared wallet runs out. After that, each instance will generate new keys using randomness that is unique to each instance – and thus the keypools (and wallet.dat files) will diverge. At that point, you’d have to back up every wallet from every instance to ensure you don’t lose coins – and that defeats the purpose of a shared wallet to begin with.

That said, it can be done. See and look at the “Choose a Key Management Option” section. But understand what’s happening when you do it so you can avoid the dangers.

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Ok great information guys, thank you for that. So what about a command that automates a daily transfer into a central wallet? Is there too much risk involved in that? Is it a far fetched idea? I’m not sure of the limitations/capabilities of linux.

Sometime I’m going to do a Perl script to perform the coin transfer actions at the end of the Alpha guide.

I believe that problem is more than just “diverging keypool”. Maybe @daira can give us a more detailed clarification ?

That wouldn’t be a problem.

Also, as far as the capabilities of linux goes, you can do anything on linux that you can do on any other operating system. If you can imagine it, you can do it. It’s just a matter of learning how.

The issues should be the same as for Bitcoin v0.11.2, since mining is only to transparent addresses. I don’t know whether there any other problems than diverging keypools; one thing that comes to mind from a privacy point of view is that if you make the keypool size large as suggested in , then addresses will be reused across instances, which is a privacy leak.

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If we have multiple computers will multiple wallets, we can write a little periodic script to pay to one central wallet/machine from all the others right?