How to prepare for OverWinter

Hi All,
I’d like to know some information about the hard fork

  1. I’m using a windows laptop and that’s fine for me to get Winzec installed and have my wallet up to date. While my friend is using a Mac, is there a new software for Mac to get Zcash wallet ready for hard fork too?

  2. Do I need to get my Winzec turned on during the hard fork period?

So worried that Me or my friend miss the hard fork, and we are very excited too!! Thanks to anyone here if you can give us a solution ^ ^~

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Could anyone answer my second question ??
Pleazzzz!! Thanks so much !!

What Mac software is your friend using?

With regards to WinZEC, so long as you have 1.1.0 running, you’re good to go.
You don’t need to have your client running during the activation but make sure it’s fully synced before you create new transactions the next time you do start it up.

for mac you need to use the command line 1.1.1 build from @kozyilmaz

and roll your own (deprecated but compatible) Swing UI Wallet jar file, as I haven’t released a version of zcash4mac since…over a year ago and it is fully EOL (End Of Life)

Thread coming about the (very uncertain!) future of WinZEC and (a potential) MacZEC: tl;dr: follow the money, cause right now their ain’t none

Hi, my friend is using zcash4mac
thanks @anon47418038 for giving us solution,
And thank you for opening a new thread for more information!!

Someone still needs to write a really good FAQ on Mac users dealing with going to command line plus manually run jar file and getting the right java installed, etc

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