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I used the ZCASH4WIN 1.011 edition of your company. I opened my wallet, the software didn’t fully open the computer’s blue screen. After the computer started, it opened the software to sign on longer than ever. I have opened the computer for 10 days, and the number is about 300 thousand still without opening the software. Look, do you say my wallet can be opened? If it can be opened, what degree is the software self checking co


My mailbox is 39803125@163.COM. Please send my questions back to my e-mail, thank you.

Zcash4Win is a deprecated community project so there isn’t any official support.

That said, first thing you should do after copying your wallet.dat file to make a backup is to download and then replace the wallet.dat file with your backup. The upcoming Overwinter fork will not be supported by Zcash4Win so you should do this soon. There is also a very good guide to upgrading here: WinZEC Zcash wallet - Upgrading from Zcash4win to WinZEC wallet client

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Do you know if Ledger Nano S will support ZCash after the upcoming Overwinter fork?
I did not get straight answer from Ledger support…

I haven’t seen an official statement from them. Out of interest what response did you get?

I asked the same question as I asked you, and they answered:

Thank you for contacting Ledger.

Support of this crytptocurrency is not planned at this time. Please refer to this FAQ topic to know which coins are supported depending on which Ledger device you have. …"

Strange? I think that they didn’t understand question…