Thinking about upgrading cards

I was thinking about selling my r9 290, r9 390 and r9 280xs because they are kinda dated and upgrading to 1070ti’s. Selling those cards will pay for a majority of the cost and so I wont have to pay too too much to upgrade. Do you guys think its worth all the trouble?

Do you have access to the 1070ti’s?
if you have buyers for your existing cards at a price that both parties find acceptable, then you should refresh

make sure you keep power differences between the cards in mind

Yeah the 1070ti’s will be a lot more efficient than those AMD cards. I found a website that had some 1070ti’s in stock but I’m not completely convinced its legit. It has a mix of reviews on various products they sell and they all seem like legit reviews so that leads me to believe its legit. What leads me to believe its not legit is its not a well known website. Its a company that just started up so they have limited reviews. Selling the cards should not be an issue in my area so they should hopefully sell fast. Thank you for the response! I’m highly considering the upgrade… my major concern is downtime. I need the cards to sell before I can buy new ones because I don’t have the money to pay out of pocket.

Very soon the market will be flooded with used 1060, 1070, 1080 cards. Nvidia new card will be launched between March and May most likely. It may be better to keep mining and then by some cheaper used cards in a few months. Right now any legitimate site is selling new 1070 or 1080 cards for 50% above msrp. Almost all a restricted from selling more than 1 card at a time. That is by request of Nvidia. Buyer beware right now.

Very true. I could either wait for the next gen to launch and get them or I could snag up all the 1080s and 1070s when the market gets swamped with cards. My only concern is resale value on the r9 cards. Their price will tank when the market gets flooded with these newer 10 series cards or rx series cards.

@ValuelessTable I’m going to offer you advice that I wished someone would have offered me when I started.
If you want to upgrade then upgrade, if you want to wait, then wait.

From my personal experience when I started waiting for when the next (amazingly hyped) new GPU was going to be released to update, weeks and weeks went by because the release date kept changing. I missed out on great pricing, availability (not that any of that exists right now) on several gpu’s.

Again just advice, do what is best for you.

Are you in the U.S.? If so, I have a good source for the following. First number is quantity in stock.


25 x $750 Gigabyte Video Card GV-N1080IX-8GD GeForce GTX mini itx

25 x $306 Gigabyte GV-N1060WF2OC-3GD GTX 1060 3G GDDR5 OC DL-DVI-I/HDMI/3xDP WindForce
112 x $348 eVGA Video Card 03G-P4-6162-KR GTX 1060 3GB DDR5 PCI Express 3.0 DVI-
3 x $330 eVGA Video Card 03G-P4-6160-KR GTX1060 3GB GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 DVI-
105 x $470 MSI Video Card GTX 1060 6GT OCV1 G10606TC1 6144MB GDDR5 PCI Express3.0 192Bit
25 x $474 MSI Video Card GTX 1060 6G OCV1 G10606GC1 6GB GDDR5 192Bit PCI Express HDMI/ Dual-link DVI-D /
10 x $317 Gigabyte VCX GV-N1060G1GAM-3GD R2 GTX 1060 3G G1 Gam R2 D5 192B PCIE HDMI/3xDP

18 x $266 eVGA VCX 04G-P4-6253-KR GTX 1050 Ti 4GB DDR5 128Bit PCIE3.0 DVID/HDMI/DP RTL
8 x $325 MSI VCX GTX 1050 TI AERO ITX 4GOC G1050TAI4C 4G GDDR5 128B PCIE HDMI/DP Retail

250 x $177 eVGA 02G-P4-6150-KR 6150 GTX 1050 2GB GDDR5 128B PCIE DVID/HDMI/DP Retail
3 x $169 Asus VCX PH-GTX1050-2G 2GB GDDR5 single fan 128Bit PCIE 3.0 HDMI/DVI-D/DP Reta
49 x $163 Gigabyte GV-N1050OC-2GD GTX 1050 2G GDDR5 OC WindForce DL-DVI-I/HDMI/DP Retail
96 x $163 Gigabyte GV-N1050D5-2GD GTX 1050 2GB GDDR5 128Bit DL-DVI-I/HDMI/DP Retail
20 x $174 Gigabyte GV-N1050WF2OC-2GD GTX 1050 2G GDDR5 WindForce DL-DVI-I/HDMI/3xDP RTL
59 x $210 eVGA VCX 02G-P4-6157-KR 6157 GTX 1050 2GB GDDR5 128B PCIE DVID/HDMI/DP Retail

6 x $400 Asus Video Card ROG-STRIX-RX570-O4G-GAMING 4GB GDDR5 with ASUS Aura Sync
61 x $470 MSI Video Card RX 570 ARMOR 8G OC R570AR8C Radeon RX 570 8GB GDDR5

Vega 56
40 x $944 MSI VCX RX Vega 56 AirBoost 8G OC RVega56AB8C Radeon RX Vega 56 8G OC HDMI/DP

Vega 64
8 x $1,156 Asus VCX ROG-STRIX-RXVEGA64-O8G-GA 8G AMD Radeon DP/HDMI/DVI 2048bit Retail

205 x $215 ASUS MB B250 MINING EXPERT Ci7/5/3 S1151 B250 Max.32GB DDR4 PCIE SATA ATX RTL

Power Supplies

Availability subject to change by the minute as you know :slight_smile:

If prices for new 1070 or 1080 were anywhere near reasonable in would say buy them. But most of the current prices would require 1 Plus years to pay back!!! That is insane. Frankly anything more than a 6 months payback is too long in my mind. It’s a tough position for everyone. Sell cards now for inflated prices or keep mining and sell after the new cards drop. I bought my 1060 for 250 us and I could sell used now for maybe 300 to 400 in my area. Probably I will hold onto them and keep mining at max until at least the announcement of the new cards. Then I will check the prices. Even if they go on sale officially in April, most of us small guys will be lucky to get 1 or 2 by summer. In my case the cards will be fully paid by April. So I might as well wait. If you can get really good prices for your old cards now, maybe sell and wait. The question is always a guesstimate and numbers. Will you make more by selling now and not mining for a few months. Or buying the end of life 10 series at way high prices and continue mining. As I said, for me I will keep mining at least until the new card launches.

@CitricAcid thank you for the advice. I think we are going to upgrade :slight_smile: even if it does take a while to pay back I still loving building rigs and playing around with the hardware lol. @lakesidedan Thank you for the reply. I will definitely keep this in mind! @DanielG That is true about pricing. I may have found a source that sells 1070tis for 500 each so if I could snag a few of those it shouldn’t be too hard to pay off :smiley:

Care to share your source? This site keeps looking for available and best price from big online retailers: GTX 1070TI 8GB – Mining Charts and right now, the cheapest 1070 Ti it can find is $799!

I would find that source highly suspect. 500us is pretty close to msrp. There are no cards at msrp for awhile now from anything legit.

guys is it a good decision to take a small loan on mining cards and pay back monthly with the profits?

If I share the source they will all be purchased! haha. Ill pm you.

Personally I would not. It just depends on how many cards you are buying though. Also I would not because I am already in college with thousands in loans lol. If I was not in this situation I might consider doing that… but you also have to take into account current pricing of cards is ridiculous. Maybe if you have a good source for cards.

Got it thanks!

I checked out the site, I wouldn’t feel comfortable buying from them.
They have no address or phone number, their website is unfinished (footer links to ‘social’ stuff don’t go anywhere), and they try to push crypto payments over credit card (couldn’t tell for sure if they accepted CC or not).

Yeah some of their prices may be too good to be true sadly. I saw it on a craigslist post and they mentioned how it was a newer business but I don’t know if I want to be the guinea pig haha. The only other way I could think to get cards at a decent price is to just watch on newegg or amazon for them to come back in stock and buy them up. I’ll still be taking a price hit but not as much as buying from a 3rd party seller… or maybe even buying used off craigslist but… I’m just not too sure. After selling all the cards and buying new the hash amount will more than likely be significantly less. I’m stuck now lol

EDIT: I would be able to get like 3 1070’s from the money id get from selling all those cards… so thats about 1400 hash… not too good vs my current hashrate. If I had the money I’d be upgrading. It would be worth it just for how efficient the cards are. I mean I don’t pay power at my apartment… but I still need to deal with all the freaking heat! Plus I’m maxing out a 1200 watt PSU, a 750 watt PSU and running 2 850 watt PSUs at like ~80%. Those old AMD cards are terribly inefficient!

Wow must be nice having free power! Maybe since you have free power, keep running those old cards until the new nvidia drops.

It is nice but the rent is ridiculous so im not sure what one is worse :joy: Yeah I think I’ll try to sell the r9 cards while prices are still astronomical and the cards are still “viable” and maybe sit on the money till the new cards drop. It will suck about the downtime but… on the bright side I can close my window!

If you can get nose bleed prices for the used cards, maybe your right, sell them now and wait a few months. We might even get a retest of zec to the 200 dollar area over the next few weeks. If that is the case, maybe you will come out ahead. It’s really a coin toss. Everyone thinks nvidia will formally announce in a few weeks. So hard to know what happens then.

I think my problem will be getting a decent price for my r9 cards lol. I got them all used for dirt cheap so no matter what I should be able to turn a profit.