How to recover the missing Zcash wallet without backup files

I had installed the Zcash wallet on my laptop(Ubuntu 16.04), and there was a Z-address.
But several months ago there was a severe problem with the hard disk and all data on the HD was missing.
I had set the rpcuser and rpcpassword when the Zcash wallet was installing, and I made a note of the Z-address.(now the information remained only is rpcuser, rpcpassword and Z-address )
Where there is a way to recover this wallet? or can I send Zcash coin from the Z-address?
Thanks very much!

Without the keys or the wallet.dat, you’re probably out of luck. :frowning:

Oh,my god!
Thank you very much!

Take the hard drive to a data recovery specialist near you they exist and just hope to God that they can get it for you that’s why they emphasized over and over again back those things up multiple times multiple formats

I had taken the HD to a data recovery company, they didn’t find the Zcash wallet.
So I hope there is a way to get back my Zcash-coins with the remaining information such as rpcuser, rpcpassword or Z-address.

Ug lamesauce,