How to restore my zcash mined in 2017?

I just found that I have left some zcash mined in a address. But I forget my wallet account and password. All I have is the zcash wallet inside a linux machine.

Can I still recover those zcash ? Also, did zcash undergo hardfork or something that split the zcash ? Is 1 zcash mined in 2017 same as those mined in 2021 ?

Yes. Since you are on Linux I’m assuming you were running a full node. First step would be to try update the Node and sync with the network.

If that doesn’t work you can start a new node and transfer the wallet.dat file from the old node to the new node to restore your ZEC.

Zcash did not undergo any splits. 1 ZEC is still 1 ZEC.

There was a fork of Zcash called Ycash that you may be able to claim some coins for.

Thank you so much. Because my vm use up all the disk space when updating the node. Is there any way to check my balance but no need to download all the blockchain ?

Doesn’t Zecwallet lite desktop support importing keys? I’d look myself but am otherwise disposed currently

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If you were using a transparent address, you can use a block explorer. If not, you have to sync: lite wallets use sapling addresses that only came in late 2018.