Coins Missing After Rescan


I’m using Zecwallet Lite version 1.8.8. for Mac. Earlier today I clicked on “Send” and noticed that the Spendable Funds showed 26 coins and All Funds showed that I have 34 coins, which is correct. So I did a rescan and now Spendable Funds shows 0 coins and All Funds show 12 coins.

Does anyone know how I can get the missing coins back?

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I’ll prepare an issue for their github. Are there any particular funds missing (sapling, orchard)?


If all of your funds are transparent or sapling then importing the zecwallet seed into a Ywallet (either alongside on your phone or somewhere else) should restore your coins in a relatively short time.



Thank you for responding! All my coins are Sapling. I will give the Ywallet a try.

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Thanks again @Autotunafish that worked! Message me your address and I will send you 1 ZEC.

Just in case anyone experienced the same thing as I did. Here is some additional information to help you get your Zcash into ywallet. Because I generated multiple Z addresses (to receive Zcash) when I was using Zecwallet. I had to import the private keys (one at a time) into ywallet for every Z address I used to receive Zcash.

It took a little bit of time to complete the process. But I’m very happy that I got them all back! :slight_smile:

– Copperfield


Awesome, I’m glad that worked. :partying_face: Good call on the priv keys and yeah I think that may be part of the reason why mobile versions don’t allow for more address generation, so that the seed will be a full restore and it’s something to ponder about with the new account model and the new mnemonic key restore method coming anyway.

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Yes, it is by design that Ywallet does not merge addresses with different secret keys into the same account.

I wanted to ensure that the user knows some costs are associated with a shielded address.
Especially since the spam introduced 30 million trial decryptions and it’s still going up. Mobile or not, I think it is a bad idea to aggregate accounts.

Otherwise, users may end up with unusable wallets. I know of at least one user with 20 000+ shielded addresses in zcashd. He cannot use it since the spam started.

Btw, diversified addresses cover everyday use cases.

YWallet supports creating several accounts with the same mnemonic key but it will keep them separated for the reason mentioned above.

@Copperfield FYI, you could have imported them all at once.


Thank you for the information @hanh. This was my first time using ywallet, so this will be helpful if I ever need to do this again. :slight_smile:

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