How to restore my zcash wallet (and money) after formatting SSD?

Some time ago (maybe 6 month) I have used Zcash4Mac, and there I had a wallet with coins. About 4 month ago I was create a copy of wallet.dat, and export wallet private key (right clicked to wallet → optain private key, as I remember).

Few days ago I formatted my SSD on my Mac, and of course, after installing Zcash4Mac, wallet is empty (yes, it’s another, new wallet, not mine).

I try to replace avaliable wallet.dat to my own, and start application, but I got an error. Also I try to import single key (via menu at the top of app), but also got an error, that that key is wrong.

It’s possible to restore my money, with that data, that I have (wallet.dat and private key as string), or I’m hoplessly spend time?

What errors did you get? Please show clips (obviously anonymize the images first)

Zcash4Mac hasn’t been updated for a long time so suggest you use something else. If you are comfortable on the command line I’d suggest running GitHub - kozyilmaz/zcash-apple: Zcash for Apple platforms (see releases for precomiled binaries). If you need a GUI then check out the ZenCash ports from here: Zcash Wallets - Zcash Community

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This is the latest full node wallet for macOS → Release macOS dmg · TheTrunk/zcash-swing-wallet · GitHub

It is not updated to 2.0.0 yet but it will work fine for you until the next update.

Thanks, guys for your replies. Yesterday, I tried to repeat my attempts to restore wallet for making screenshots with errors, but at this time I tryed again to import my private key and it was imported successfully, and in list was appear my “original” wallet, with the same address that half year ago. It’s look like success, but as I know, for displaying my balance I need to update blockchain.

I don’t know why, but process is not starting, and hold at 0,04% (28 Oct 2016) of sync. Maybe it related with stopping support of Mac and Windows clients.

So, I instaled official Zcash client on Ubuntu and now wait while sync process will finished. Then I will try to import my key via command line.

I will write about the results