How to send zec WITH t-addr or account?


Can't send zec to shapeshift from account or t-addr

root@ubuntu:/home/zec/zcash# ./src/zcash-cli sendmany "t1LNo6ChbrhreLcuyrceuLshrpuaETBHJaJ" "[{\"amount\": 0.0016, \"address\": \"t1Ny1GiJ8WK3Uont9nNTn82eTnQnMzVanGn\"}]"
error: {"code":-11,"message":"Accounts are unsupported"}


z_sendmany is the correct command


full command:

z_sendmany "T_ADDRESS" "[{\"amount\": XXXX, \"address\": \"T_ADDRESS\"}]"


Oh, okay.. Thank you!


Thank you Duke. Was wondering the same thing. You cleared it up in 2 seconds. :smile: