I think I've made a huge mistake and lost my money

Hi Can someone please help?
I have installed Zcash on my linux machine and generated a T-Address and a Z-Address.
My T-Address is t1TPCVgqE4AvrvAXuW29P9tj46XRLx2fzCY
I have also transferred about 0.06 ZEC into the address.
Now I want to withdraw those coins to Poloniex.
However the 1.0 User Guide only explains how to send coins from a Z-Address, not a T-Address.
Does that mean I’ve lost my coins? Do I even have a private key for my T-Address? I guess I don’t understand the difference between Z and T addresses? :frowning: I think I lost my coins, please help.
Many thanks

I think you can still use ./zcash/src/zcash-cli z_sendmany from a t_addr to a z_addr and vice versa.


Also help is your friend:
./zcash/src/zcash-clu help

I will check out those links. If I haven’t lost my coins, thank you so much!

There is also a v1.0.0 that may prevent sending coins from a t_addr to a z_addr. I’m not aware of the details on that though. If you have issues, it’s probably due to that bug.

Bottom line, if you have linux access to the wallet where you generated the t or z addresses, you haven’t lost anything.

That is true. And from t_addr to t_addr. I’ve used it to send mined ZEC to an exchange.

And, as VB always suggests: send a very small amount at first, e.g. 0.000001 ZEC (or whatever the minimum allowable amount is at the time). Then go to page Accounts - Zchain and see where your money goes. Once you’ve seen it arrive in your desired account, send the full amount.

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Hi Root,
I used your link ‘Correctly sending ZEC from T address to another T address’. After pressing enter I get a string of letters and numbers starting with opid-a0f6xxxxxx-xxx-xxxxx-xxx etc etc.
I thought it must have worked but when I checked:
Still no money has moved??
Please help :frowning:

Are t-addresses inside .zcash/wallet.dat ? If yes, make a backup copy and do not do anything else until you get better answers from the forum, and in the future, get an account on an exchange and send new ZEC to that t-address.

I don’t know how to open the wallet.dat file. Can you help?

To be honest, if it’s still in that account then it didn’t send. I’m not sure what you’re doing but you should start with trying a lower amount.

The first thing is to relax and real up on the help and how zcash works. Then test with small amounts and then when you’re ready move larger amounts. The last thing you want to do is make a mistake in a rush to sell everything you have.

use swingwallet

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It finally worked :D. Phew. The issue was that i wasn’t realising I needed to reduce the amount I was sending by 0.0001 to take into account transaction fees. I used z_getoperationresult which told me what the problem was. Thanks all for your help :slight_smile:

Hi jamie1029,

I was reviewing your post and verifying your transaction by your T-Address which I copied…then, to my shock, I tried later to send a ZEC to my own address, but the paste function still had YOUR address in it…yes, I was a meathead and sent you my 1.0099ZEC.

If you are willing (after verifying that inbound transaction from me confirmed), would you mind forwarding that coin to me at this address please: t1VneSic6h1X7GVHtYnHHzXMcMZuWFjbm9W

Sorry for the bother. I can’t believe I didn’t notice :slight_smile:


Is this thread like the zcash funny corner :joy:

Hey now, no one was born an expert.

There are many here who are new to Zcash, and even more who are new to cryptocurrency who were drawn here based on the innovative tech or the prospect of a truly anonymous payment system.

These new people are what brings excitement to a new coin and their usage of Zcash will help increase the value of it so its probably a good idea not to make fun of someone who made a mistake many make when new.

We’ve all been there, if not in crypto, in something else and no one likes to be made fun of. :wink:

I’ve never been accidentally sent money in my life! Suppose there’s a first for everything. I’ve just sent it back to your specified address. txid below :slight_smile:


wow, great comunity we have here


Thank you! I’ve told people often how important it is to verify your send address before pushing that send button (or cli enter key), and still…

Thanks for forwarding! It made it.

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I didn’t mean to be rude, It just made me laugh because it’s the kind of things that happens to me all the time.

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could you explain the process which you used exactly -id be happy to toss you a helpers fee?
I have mined zcash and cant figure out how to send to another t address

Install zcash gui wallet in linux… job done easy…

link : GitHub - vaklinov/zcash-swing-wallet-ui: DEPRECATED: not to be used! - Desktop GUI Wallet for ZCash