How to use all the threads in nheqminer?

Anyone know how can I use use 8 threads instead 6 ?

when I start the miner I see this, but I would like to use all the threads I have

[22:05:34][0x00007f17c733e722] stratum | Starting miner
[22:05:34][0x00007f17c5507722] miner#2 | Starting thread #2
[22:05:34][0x00007f17c4d06722] miner#3 | Starting thread #3
[22:05:34][0x00007f17c6509722] miner#0 | Starting thread #0
[22:05:34][0x00007f17b7fff722] miner#4 | Starting thread #4
[22:05:34][0x00007f17c5d08722] miner#1 | Starting thread #1
[22:05:34][0x00007f17b77fe722] miner#5 | Starting thread #5

On linux check in .zcash/zcash.conf the line :
genproclimit=X (with X number of threads)

Add -t 8 to your start up command or batch file

Start your miner using:

./nheqminer -u username.worker -p password -t 8

Replace username.worker with your username and worker, and replace password with your password. That should work.

where does this password come from?

Well only use password and username.worker if you're in a pool that requires an account like Suprnova. Those would be to start mining into your account. Otherwise you can just use -t 8 like @cascadiacrypto said.

you will get an equivalent hash rate with 75-100% of cores in use; its recommended to use 75% so it won't bog the machine down. this is why neqminer does it by default.

I've heard that but I don't think that's true because I have made tests using all the threads and using default options (75% of the threads) and the results are more or less the same (a bit better if using all the threads).

thats pretty much what i just said.

Can anyone give any guidance on how to start the miner? I'm totally stuck...

apt-get update
apt-get install -y cmake build-essential libboost-all-dev screen git
git clone
cd nheqminer/nheqminer
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
./nheqminer -u

where is your suprnova username followed by a dot, followed by your worker name