Miner intensity \ laggy windows?

I’ve got a rather strong computer, 32gb of ram, SSD hardrive and a 970 GTX video card.
When I run nheqminer on CPU+GPU - my windows get VERY laggy.
Is there a way to avoid this? lowering intensity somehow maybe?

I’m asking since I have a friend who can run the miner without any interference with browsing, etc

if the CPU is 4 core / 8 thread

-t 0 disables CPU
-t 2 runs 25%
-t 4 runs 50%
-t 6 runs 75% (this is the default if you dont use -t)
-t 8 runs all threads (slightly slower than -t 6)

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What do you think about running 8 threads vs 6 threads (6 got me more VRM(for example) while mining it vs 8 for some reason)

The only way to know is test.

If your temps aren’t crazy high test both and see what produces more.

Their might be a bottleneck somewhere (for some reason I have no idea of) that’s why

i found that you always got the max if you used all the threads, but it obeyed a law of diminishing returns, going form 6 to 7 to 8 mad 0.5 sol/s say

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