How to use ZCASH as an entrepreneur

How to implement ZCASH into daily busiiness

As a fresh entrepreneur in the touristic sector I wunder how to implement ZCASH into the daily infrastructure as part of :

  • accountancy
  • bookings
  • funding
  • payment
  • -etc…

Any suggestions?

There are 3 ways to look at this.

  1. You want to utilize shielded addresses.

While this is the solution I would personally recommend, I’m not currently aware of any software to automate the process. Most businesses run a full node and display a QR code on their website where you can deposit the funds upon agreement with the business owner. I would suggest using zec-qt-wallet. It is easy to use, it heavily advocates and utilizes shielded transactions, it supports exporting transactions to CSV for importing into Excel and the developer is very keen on implementing new features suggested by the community. More lightweight options that do not require running a full node will become available later in the year hopefully.

  1. You want to utilize just transparent addresses.

I don’t see why would any business owner who cares about privacy want to do this but in case you do, this provides more options. While you can still use zec-qt-wallet (and it is highly recommended), it is not required. You can use any lightweight desktop or mobile wallet that supports Zcash (like Coinomi). You can also utilize a Zcash POS solution like Anypay, which is also expected to support shielded transaction in the near future.

  1. You don’t want to deal with cryptocurrency volatility and wish to automatically convert ZEC to fiat.

This is the solution that most merchants currently utilize. The most popular option is CoinPayments and can be easily integrated into any website or online shop. It provides many automated features in regards to invoicing, POS etc. and it’s the most “professional” solution available at the moment.

You can see many examples of merchants accepting Zcash payments at


Hey Rex 4539,
Thanks for responding to this topic, great .
As for your reply N°3 You don’t want to deal with cryptocurrency volatility and wish to automatically convert ZEC to fiat.

That’s something I consider , for the moment.
AS soon as new applications make it more user friendly I would like to keep it as intended, digital.

Let me know when you have everything up and running. I can then add you to the above list of merchants.