Services Accepting zCash

Wondering if that’s the right spot to post. Anyways, I was wondering which places, merchants, shops etc. allow us to pay using ZEC. There is a list here but it covers only markets, cryptomarkets and places to buy zCash.

There are no places where I can spend my zCash in exchange of good and services (and I know that at least @cryptomined accepts ZEC in his e-shop). Is anyone aware of any other places/services that accept ZEC? And if there are, shouldn’t they be on that list published above?

As a matter of fact I’d be considering about whether accepting ZEC in exchange of my consulting services however this requires careful consideration due to legal requirements (taxes etc.) so unlikely for now.

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I would like to know this as well!

Various services integrate the Shapeshift API (such as, Bitwala, Private Internet Access & merchants on Open Bizarre) to accept a variety of currencies for payments but receiving bitcoin.

Most of the direct Zcash accepting orgs are, for now, non-profits which you can donate to. :slight_smile:

This is certainly something we are keen on improving. The best way to do this is having a large cryptocurrency payment processor integrate Zcash so free to tell your favorite payment processor that you’d like to spend Zcash! :slight_smile:


bitpay if you’re lurking, do the right thing :wink:

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If there is a list of actual retailers who accept Zcash somewhere, I would be happy to add a new section to that list.

Unfortunately, as Paige mentioned Zcash doesn’t have the support of a major payment processor (yet). Once you see a processor get on board, Vendors will be able to use thier API to integrate Zcash payments into thier websites.

So here is a list of cryptocurrency processors I compiled that already support Bitcoin who could also (somewhat easily) add Zcash t-address support:


If enough people request to add Zcash support, eventually someone will.


keeping my fingers crossed for blockpay zcash support.

Zcash is accepted by DashBargain:

You can buy the latest video game CD Keys, Xbox Live Subscriptions, and more at CJS CD Keys using ZCash:

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Hi There,
SecPoint IT Security Software now Accepting Zcash - Vulnerability Scanning - UTM Firewall

This is very relevant. It would be interesting to see what effect it would have if every forum member reading this message now actually got in touch with one or more of the processors listed above and requested Zcash support.


This might be a little bit away from goods and services in exchange for Zcash but profiles allow people to list a Zcash address along with a Bitcoin address and other types of profile information. The keybase site and app have some nice features that are worth checking out too.

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We at are accepting Zcash since some time (transparent and z-addresses)
Uncensored privacy anti-ddos hosting, bulletproof VPS, privacy VPN and anonymous domains

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Hey there, not sure about a directory of merchants/shops for ZEC but I do know there’s a new charity which now accepts Zcash donations - Ethiopiaid Australia (mission: to bring health and hope to people in Ethiopia).

If anyone’s interested in testing out their coin for a good cause, check us out here:

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Many of the direct Zcash are accepting orgs are, for now, non-profits which you can donate to. Zcash doesn’t have the support of a major payment processor (yet)

Coinpayments and Coinbase commerce both allow online merchants to accept Zcash now. You can even use Coinpayments with Shopify.

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