How to used zec qt wallet?

Brainlet here any video ? how to use basic this wallet ??


I agree a video or detailed simpel step by step guide with pictures would help many users that are unfamilar with qt wallets. Hopefully someone from the foundation/zcash company is able to make this…

Meanwhile trying to help you. It isn’t that complicated as it may sound or look at first view, nothing to worry about.

First some general things to have in mind when you download and use the ZEC qt wallet:

  • first have in mind it will take about 20GB of your harddrive C;/, ensure you have at very least that much free space available. (pretty sure that in one of the following updates you can choose another HDD, but for now it’s in C;/ stored)
  • once you download and run the qt wallet have in mind it must be synced, means the whole blockchain of ~20GB gets downloaded and validiaded, this can take some hours up to 1 day. (On my end the ZEC blockchain synced in about 3-4 hours which is really fast when it comes to QT wallets, other coins take up to as long as several days)

reading again your post you write on how to use it, not how to install it, right? Let me know please first if you need help on installing, how to use it after installing or both.

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sent , received ,

note : received under z-address sapling what is this address used – address is unused?? export private key?? what is this monster secret main key ??how to safe it ?
which account ?? any seed ??
if let your pc screw up how to recover your account etc > just basic normal digital cash

its not friendly user – still long way to go … xtremely dangerous for noob to use

thanks … and we have to ask some kind soul to help everytime in need :blush:

not a very good idea for a big foundation :slight_smile: those developers sure very busy