Https:// - shows nothing

Hi there,

I’m new here, and still learning but…

while mining with nheqminer, website Zcash Flypool - Zcash (ZEC) mining pool

Shows nothing.

still mining …

[09:00:09][0x0000675051f75700] stratum | Received new job #690ac002efb7b1b8936f
[09:00:17][0x0000675056b20740] Speed [300 sec]: 12.7133 I/s, 24.1967 Sols/s
[09:00:27][0x0000675056b20740] Speed [300 sec]: 12.7367 I/s, 24.3133 Sols/s
[09:00:37][0x0000675056b20740] Speed [300 sec]: 12.7467 I/s, 24.37 Sols/s

please help.

ok, let’s close. It’s working.

Was it a matter of waiting 30 minutes more or less for it to register the work?

Thanks in advance,