Please help new to mining zcash

Trying to get mining setup as a test and read into it. I downloaded nheqminer & zcash mining gui here

I set server.port info to, made a free wallet via mobile app for I hit start mining, everything seems to be running normal getting around 35 sol. However nothing shows in my wallet as if I have not mined anything. Am I doing something wrong? Sorry for the newbie question, I just don't understand why no zcash is showing even a 0.0000001 or anything.

I would strongly suggest using different software, that Repo hasn't been updated since last year and has not gotten the most recent security updates.

You can find a list of Zcash software here

Is there any other gui based things to mine with though?

Yes, look at the links to Zcash4win and Zcash4mac both have GUI. Or if you like Linux you can use Vaklinov's GUI with Zcashd

Oh, wait a sec, you said GUI for mining with, hm I'm not sure. The Links I mentioned are for setting up Zcashd and wallets.

Yes for mining. I got zcash4win now setup as a new wallet to see how that works. Guess just need to find a good miner that is a little easier?

the easiest and simplest is Nice Hash Miner, it is a simple as download, install, let it does it thing, click the drop down box to select your region, put in a btc payment address, and click start... It will then benchmark your cards then when done start mining.

This IS NOT mining coins for you, this is you mining different coins for them and they pay you in btc... You asked about a simple gui for mining, that one is the simplest I know of.

How long does it take to mine a block of zcash that it actually shows in my wallet these days? lol I feel like it's months

You should be able to see what your payouts are on the pools dashboard (if you are mining on a pool not solo) then the 35 solutions/sec you mentioned in the OP would get you about .00168 ZEC per day. Some pools set the minimum payout at .01 ZEC.

You can use this calculator to figure out what your average payout would be:

Yes I am in the normal one. I switched to claymore's gpu and getting 220 H/s. I will let it run for a full day and see if anything shows up in wallet. If I stop and start the miner, does it reset everything again?

Still running and nothing in wallet, I wish I knew if I were doing something wrong or not

What does the Flypool dashboard tell you? You should be able to input your deposit address to see your worker hashing away:

For example you would go to:

Yes It says the following:

213.3H/s 146.3H/s

Immature Balance
0.00183 ZEC

Unpaid Balance
0.00608 ZEC

So I guess that means it is working correctly. I assume I will not see my balance in wallet until 0.01? I am using zcash4win

you are correct, payout isn't until .01

I plan to build a rig whenever I get time this month. I was looking at gpushack for some bulk but curious.. I plan to run on windows, already have a harddrive to use, have a 1300watt power supply, and wondered if everything I am thinking is a solid ok plan? I am unsure if I need a ssd drive or if it even matters on cpu though?

SSD HD means fast boot up and for if and when the system reboots
CPU doesn't matter for running a GPU mining rig

if you are only using the 1300w psu, make sure the gpu rig you build stays in the 80% sweet spot (1040w) for efficiency of the psu.
Have fun and good luck