HW wallets - z-transactions

Ah, I remember the thread.

We can make a comparable device using exactly the same chips to protect the priv keys. we cant do that for someone elses device though. (it will need a small fpga to make certain bits “quicker/possible”)

if you want a nano style z2z pocket wallet that isn’t a phone. sure. It isn’t actually that hard. I can see why it would be hard to retrofit but not to make with sapling transactions in mind (this device would only support sapling and beyond, it would not be backward compatible) and it would be a bit bigger than a usb stick. but not that much (unless it has a full on screen, which I think it should for memos)

Or maybe I can RE the nano, just looked a bit more about it, looks pretty easy to get the firmware off. It is about time I looked at the nano a forum member was kind enough to send me. I will look into the code tomorrow. But I don’t think it will be possible due to this:

So, I can probably botch something together, but I am pretty sure it would be illegal for me to distribute it. Although I am allowed to make the modifications perfectly legally in my country of residence.

Well, according to Ledger CTO (see the Reddit link I posted some posts above) they’re willing to give technical support to any developer

“help them with whatever they might need (missing cryptographic algorithms & such)”

I’d keep things as simple as possible as a first step. If things work and a more complicated device is needed, we can think about it as step two.

Hi guys!
Any news/update from ECC or ZFnd about this topic?
I am always waiting for good news… and we’re in 2020 now!
… and still we have no support for Z-transactions on a hardware wallet.


Thanks @anon16456014 !!
A lot of time to wait for (September 2020 for full integration in Ledger Live, if schedules are respected), but at least someone has started working on it!!


Hopefully we can be faster… but it is not easy to get all the pieces working in such a small device / memory space.

With respect to timeline… We just closed milestone 1.

Twitter - Zondax Milestone 1

Our progress report can be found here:

Zondax Milestone 1 - Progress Report

Something to clarify, we are doing the app itself… C/Rust and some integration libraries that can be used by anyone…

We are (at least for now) integrating in to Ledger Live UI. We are looking at that… but the real challenge has always been the device itself. not JS-based wallets like Ledger Live.


thank you so much for the update!

I know that your job is difficult… and you and your team are doing a great job!!
I’m pretty sure that your work will increase ZEC adoption by at least an order of magnitude.
Storing ZEC on a hardware wallet is the key to be safe. Having ZECs stored through shielded transactions is fundamental to spread ZEC adoption… otherwise it lacks a great part of privacy.

Keep us updated on the development, please!


Cant wait to see Z addresses on HW wallets. Wonder how far out we are talking here… a month or two? more? From what I understand bluetooth wont be possible with the Nano X/ not sure why…

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This would be a great step forward!

Cant wait to see Z addresses on HW wallets. Wonder how far out we are talking here… a month or two? more? From what I understand bluetooth wont be possible with the Nano X/ not sure why…

Take into account that Nano X uses BLE so desktop integration is not a typical use case from Ledger’s point of view. We are not considering bluetooth part of the scope. We could do that as a follow up, we don’t expect bluetooth in Nano X to be too hard… it just needs a fair amount of work and testing to do proper mobile integration.

About timeline, our grant has already a delivery schedule. It is possible that we can be a bit faster, though.



It seems that Milestone 2 has been completed! :star_struck: :star_struck:


Any news about Milestone 3?
We should be almost there with the development…
@jleni ?


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We are!!! :partying_face:

We are working on integration tests and a proof of concept for the integration library.

You will hear some news soon… We will still need to go through Ledger’s review, etc… but all the parts are in place now


What are the chances it works with Bluetooth on the Nano X? I have heard mix things like its possible but may not be available right away. Any chance it happens this year with Bluetooth support?

Great news @jleni!!
Thank you very much for your work!

Can we do something to speed up Ledger review, in order to get support for z-transactions as soon as possible (I wonder before the end of 2020)?


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Any update on this @jleni , please?
We’re approaching the end of 2020, I see no updates after more than a month from the last post.
The website zondax.ch still reports “Milestone 2 completed” and the last update was on July, 2020.
Any hope to get support in Ledger Live before the end of the year?

Thanks in advance!


Not sure any info was shared in Zcash gardening call. It should be mandatory for ZEC grantees (ZF/MGRC) to update community with timely updates at some pre-defined frequency.


So, one more month has passed and still no fresh official news.
Zondax twitter account still reports only Milestone 2 completed, as its website.
Github is not much different.

Come on guys, this is a critical step for adoption, give us some news, keep us updated, please!!



It is right now in feature testing phase with Zcash devs. Once it all looks good, they will publish completion of Milestone & wait for Ledge app review?

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I think this is the latest info from them regarding the Ledger app.

Screenshot from 2021-01-25 09-56-41

Looks like they are also interested in developing app for Trezor.

Screenshot from 2021-01-25 09-56-22