I followed the github quick start guide but cannot find zcashd file on ubuntu

I was trying to install zcash-cli on my ubuntu virtual machine on Mac OSX, followed this guide page: https://github.com/zcash/zcash/wiki/1.0-User-Guide.

All things were done correctly, when I went to run zcashd with this command:

$ ./src/zcashd

I found that there was no zcashd file in /src folder. Here I listed all files existed in my current /src folder:

addrman.cpp ecwrapper.h rpcclient.h
addrman.h gtest rpcmining.cpp
alert.cpp hash.cpp rpcmisc.cpp
alert.h hash.h rpcnet.cpp
alertkeys.h httprpc.cpp rpcprotocol.cpp
amount.cpp httprpc.h rpcprotocol.h
amount.h httpserver.cpp rpcrawtransaction.cpp
amqp httpserver.h rpcserver.cpp
arith_uint256.cpp init.cpp rpcserver.h
arith_uint256.h init.h scheduler.cpp
asyncrpcoperation.cpp key.cpp scheduler.h
asyncrpcoperation.h key.h script
asyncrpcqueue.cpp keystore.cpp secp256k1
asyncrpcqueue.h keystore.h sendalert.cpp
base58.cpp leveldb serialize.h
base58.h leveldbwrapper.cpp streams.h
bitcoin-cli.cpp leveldbwrapper.h support
bitcoin-cli-res.rc limitedmap.h sync.cpp
bitcoind.cpp main.cpp sync.h
bitcoind-res.rc main.h test
bitcoin-tx.cpp Makefile.am threadsafety.h
bitcoin-tx-res.rc Makefile.gtest.include timedata.cpp
bloom.cpp Makefile.test.include timedata.h
bloom.h Makefile.zcash.include tinyformat.h
chain.cpp memusage.h torcontrol.cpp
chain.h merkleblock.cpp torcontrol.h
chainparamsbase.cpp merkleblock.h txdb.cpp
chainparamsbase.h metrics.cpp txdb.h
chainparams.cpp metrics.h txmempool.cpp
chainparams.h miner.cpp txmempool.h
chainparamsseeds.h miner.h ui_interface.h
checkpoints.cpp mruset.h uint252.h
checkpoints.h netbase.cpp uint256.cpp
checkqueue.h netbase.h uint256.h
clientversion.cpp net.cpp undo.h
clientversion.h net.h univalue
coincontrol.h noui.cpp util.cpp
coins.cpp noui.h util.h
coins.h obj utilmoneystr.cpp
compat obj-test utilmoneystr.h
compat.h policy utilstrencodings.cpp
compressor.cpp pow utilstrencodings.h
compressor.h pow.cpp utiltest.cpp
config pow.h utiltest.h
consensus primitives utiltime.cpp
core_io.h protocol.cpp utiltime.h
core_memusage.h protocol.h validationinterface.cpp
core_read.cpp pubkey.cpp validationinterface.h
core_write.cpp pubkey.h version.h
crypto random.cpp wallet
deprecation.cpp random.h zcash
deprecation.h rest.cpp zcbenchmarks.cpp
eccryptoverify.cpp reverselock.h zcbenchmarks.h
eccryptoverify.h rpcblockchain.cpp zmq
ecwrapper.cpp rpcclient.cpp

So what’s wrong with my compiling process?

New Terminal window = Crtl +alt + t

cd zcash


./src/zcash-cli help

etc., should do the trick, if zcashd finished compiling correctly ?

Thank you for your reply. Which step in that guide is to compile zcashd file?

My compiling process of zcashd file was stopped at the step that init.cpp file is compiling. Please help me to avoid this forced stopping.

Can you post the end of the build output showing the compilation of init.cpp and any errors from it, please?