I have been blocked from deleting my own posts


I wrote them. One got flagged, I don’t know why. I want to remove all but two now. Now I have to wait 23 hrs.


I would like it if I can have that ability back please.

Also, I would appreciate it if you can just delete all my posts the “too the moon” thread. The whole thread is off topic so all my posts are inappropriate. Save the flaggers some button clicks.

You can only unlike for a limited period of time. You can only delete a post for a limited period of time.

It seems you are right about likes. Thanks. I didn’t know that.

You can delete a post at any time, …
I get the error - “you have performed this action too many times try again in 22hrs.”

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This is in place in case a users account is compromised and someone decided to go though and delete all of thier posts maliciously.

Link to whatever posts you want to remove and I can remove them for you.


Thank you. I will send them via pm.

if it is a security feature, I get it, but I could still delete threads I had started. dunno if you want to mix the two thresholds.

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