Drunk posting - never again


Recently I deleted a number of posts.

My messages were not in an appropriate tone or wording for the forums. - I am writing this post because ppl will still get emails of my messages. I apologise for this.

So if you cant find the post to respond to, and want to respond pm me.

This is because covid + other things is hitting my family and friends hard, I drank too much and should have unplugged the router. I drank far too much vodka. (I normally dont drink .i found it ina cupboard.)

I apologise for the tone of the messages. Thank you @shawn for pointing out they were excessive, bordering on rude and should be amended

I will rewrite them in day or two.


What inappropriate messages? Dont appologize, drink some more vodka!

Wishing you and your family the best, @mistfpga. :hugs:


Me too. I hope you’re ok, and I’m grateful to you for caring about this space enough to take those steps and write this.