I sense a disturbance in the force

whats up with forums.z.cash not having a https cert? it was only a forwarder to here anyway.

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Someone else mentioned this on one of the discords as well, cant remember which thread it was in

(It was Prof Miller in the ZFND general)


Sorry for tagging you. and yes i know edge is not a real brower, but still - is this a clerical oversight or is the ECC distancing itsself from the forums?

You cannot visit forum.z.cash in edge at all. I really dont know who to report this to now the ECC doesnt do much on the forums. (ive been getting this a while, so has @amiller )

Hi. We don’t operate or manage the forum. Suggest reaching out to @Shawn.

Also its https://forum.zcashcommunity

you do run z.cash tho right?

because of my lazyness and the forums used to be on https://forums.z.cash - I press z in the address bar and I get the z.cash version.

forums.zcashcommunity.com which is under shawns control (and the zfnds) is fine with its certificate.

It is z.cash’s cert that will not validate the forums because of the domain difference (its easy to fix, update the cert or ditch htttps)

@Shawn is this your understanding of the situation too?

I am not sure what shawn or the zfnd can do about this

Oh Im using edge for this example because it doesnt let you bypass the error like FF

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Looks like it’s a Discourse issue:

When we migrated to forum.zcashcommunity.com from forum.z.cash they dropped the old certificate since it’s not needed anymore.

Best thing to do to fix it would be to have z.cash domain owner set up a DNS record (301 permanent re-direct) to the new URL to prevent the browser from trying to fetch a non-existent certificate from Discourse.

Or, simply update your shortcuts and never use the old URL again :wink:

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Thanks for pointing this out @mistfpga it’s fixed now.


Thank you! I can refresh so much happier now :rofl:

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