New blockexplorer for Zcash

Hello, Zcash community!
I’ve just launched a ZEC blockexplorer and you’re welcome to check it here:
I used the insight code, and in my plan is to improve and to develop it.
I would like to hear the opinion and suggestions of the community and to collaborate with you.
Say, what you think!

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change ETH address with a ZEC address for donations

done and done

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So I fixed it. What do you think now? :slight_smile:

i tried the explore with an addrees and it has found correctly the transactio

great job mate!

I’ll try using it instead of other explorers and share all my feedback!

thank you! if you’ll face any troubles, please tell me

Thank you a lot! Wow that would be great!

Well, what do you think?

I got that image
I would try to fix that as first thing.

I did, it’s protected on my side…Kinda strange, did you make your https off?

ok forget it. my business laptop doesn’t accept it, but my phone does. maybe a symantec certificate? :slight_smile:

Could you please give me more info about this error? Click the “not secure” button and tell what it says?

Thank you! I’ll check how can I fix that

could you please check it from the incognito mode?

same result. 20chars

And could you please check also another blockexplorer and say if the same error is showing up?
this one, for example:

And from another browser?

same one Edge and Internet Explorer also with the dash page. maybe my business security software says it doesn’t trust the certificate, but it is just something else it doesn’t like.