The Importance of RAM for Equihash


I have 4GB DDR3 with 4 GPUs? I red that Equihash algo needs a lot of RAM (50MB per has)
I don’t see any problems with such amount of RAM, but do I need to add more?

Thank you!

With 4 GPUs you don’t need more than 4GB of RAM

I’m running 4GB RAM with 7 x GTX 1070 on one rig and 6 x GTX 1070 on another. Roughly 1.5GB RAM is used at any given point so I’m not having issues. I think you’re thinking about GPU RAM.

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No need for Computer RAM usually more than 4 GB unless you run a ton of other stuff on the OS :slight_smile:
Plus you can tweak the OS to remove any non-needed services/apps if that PC is dedicated to mining and leave a very small OS memory utilization footprint.

Matter of fact, I just stripped an old POS Dell tower and am running 3 x GTX 1070s off it. It only has an Intel Q8300 processor and 8GB DDR2 RAM and works just as well as my rigs with new motherboard/chip/ram/etc, uses no more RAM than my 7x rigs. Works well for a throwaway tower.