I was told this forum is a censored mess

Will I be banned for just being a Monero supporter that is critical of Zcash?

This forum is open to constructive criticism and thoughtful feedback. If you have something to say just say it.

Refer to the Code of Conduct if you have questions: FAQ - Zcash Community Forum


Some people are cynical when someone who says they are a Monero supporter comes here as quite a few people from that community have traditionally spread a huge amount of misinformation about Zcash. (By the way I’m sure that goes in both directions a bit).

I’m a regular here and don’t consider this forum to be a censored mess at all!

Generally, all are welcome here as long as they act in good faith and abide by the code of conduct linked above.

A number of people in the Zcash community started out with Monero and then ended up preferring to focus on Zcash so who knows maybe you will too…

So welcome, and we’d be happy to discuss any of your criticisms as long as you are prepared to consider what we have to say in response, i.e. it is possible that some or all of your criticisms are based on that misinformation I mentioned earlier.


Agreed, I’ve seen plenty of people here who are equally or more into Monero, or Ycash or what have you. As long as one has something constructive or interesting to add to conversation about Zcash there should be no issue regardless of what coin you personally think is better.

The purpose of this forum as I have observed is to communicate news about Zcash within the community, and hash out ideas about how to improve Zcash. Discouraging or removing people who detract from that conversation is no more censorious than escorting someone out of a public debate who is screaming jibberish at the top of the their lungs and making it impossible to hear the meaningful discussion.


At this point I’m not sure if this user is genuine or just fishing for drama. Will see if they decide to reply.

@joris let’s not go too far in throwing around names like “inferior” and memes, we don’t want to stoop to Reddit levels of discourse.


Hm while were at reddit. Did you check the response to the CakeWallet grant on the Monero subredit?

Spoiler alert theyre much worse than anything that has been posted here.


Exactly my point.


No I won’t reply to drama. You will have to work harder than that to find an excuse to ban me :kissing_heart:

Will I be banned from r/Monero just for being a Zcash supporter that is critical of Monero?

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No. In fact there is a weekly thread where you can voice your criticisms of Monero:

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So do you have a problem with ZCASH and Monero being together in the main Cake Wallet application?


Whom are you addressing, @alexontelegram ?

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Exactly, /r/monero is a very welcoming place without any censorship.

Well I answered your post but I would like both of your opinions @make_xmr_great_again and @Rucknium.

I think it’s a good thing. It seems Cake is trying to add popular coins and then implement them in their wallet in a way that maximizes privacy in a user-friendly way, which few wallets are doing at this point. I have been trying to get them to add BCH with CashFusion:

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I am in a mood to do a little experiment and test this out if you are?

In the words of our great developer hyc_symas, it is a shame they chose to lie with dogs. They may get fleas, or may not, we will see.

That sounds like a good topic to start a separate thread. If you would like to start one I can move the conversation there @alexontelegram

As to OPs original question, (under Meta for site feedback) we have already established that No, just because you are a fan of another coin is not grounds to be banned from the forum.

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Hm how about calling the ZCASH community dogs? Or was @make_xmr_great_again refering to the ZOMG only?

Being a fan of ZEC and XMR is one thing. But coming here to troll is a whole another thing. Some ZCASHers might find this kind of thing distasteful and stop frequenting the forums.

Even though I love dogs.

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The more important question is, will Cakewallet be boycotted by monero users just for having Zcash on it?