Ideas for ECC

I will put my ideas for ECC here:

creation of a hardwallet, I saw somewhere that ECC already has an idea like this.

create a partnership with American Express, so that all Zcash holders, whether from the United States or any part of the planet, who are Zcash detectors, have access to the credit card with zcash cashback.I would really like to have an American express, but as I’m not from the United States, I can’t get one.

create an integration of Zashi wallet with hardwallets, because I don’t feel safe having Zcash on a cell phone application, it’s scary to use it with high values, fear of the cell phone catching viruses and losing the entire wallet. having an integration with hardwallets, giving greater security to Zashi, this would motivate me to put all my Zcash in Zashi.

Another idea is to make the Zashi wallet a digital bank, containing the basics that a digital bank could have (credit card to spend Zcash, being able to finance purchases in installments) with the right to an income tax calculator to assist in declaring of profits to the government.

continue with the narrative of making Zcash a Swiss bank, making Zashi and Zcash a real Swiss bank.