Things you wish to happen for Zcash in 2021+

Creating a thread to see what everyone likes to see happen for Zcash (share your wishlist!)

My wish list:

  1. zcash becoming #1 privacy coin (by marketcap)
  2. top exchanges supporting z-addr
  3. ledger app release in 2020 for z-addr
  4. 50%+ ZEC in shielded pool

EDIT: ideas that show up here can be used for MG


everything you just posted + Halo


Zusd stable coin on Zcash.


When I use a Google app, my Google contacts are there.
When I use a Microsoft app, my Outlook contacts are there.
When I use a Zcash app, my z-address book should be there (or at least a public searchable one)… Otherwise, I’m always starting from scratch with every new zapp!

Also, 10x scalability of Visa. No mercy


been thinking about this for a long minute, but haven’t found enough time to really dig into our options for deploying stable ZEC yet .think it can be done

even if we don’t have a perfect USD peg, perhaps a type of ZEC reflex bond could at least dampen ZEC volatility to a point where it could almost be considered stable.


oooof I hadn’t even thought about this


is it possible to have trustless zUSD? Will that be centralized like USDT ?

I would like to see MGRC fund projects or companies that will launch zUSD :wink: or work with existing companies (coinbase, gemini) to port their stable coin onto zcash platform.


I would like to see zUSD, too, but I don’t think it should be supported by MGRC more so than ECC and ZF because it may require protocol changes (unless everything can be accomplished within the memo field?! If so, might be in MGRC territory IMHO)


  1. A full-featured zmail client :love_letter:

  2. This very forum, but shielded. (I thinkk we need a way to “Log-In with Zcash” in order to build reputations…a concept I think of as Zero Factor Authentication) :heart:

  3. A security trademark agreement that ensures that users are safe to use a particular shielded application :shield:

  4. 3D private key printer: A super simple device that creates and prints your private key unto a plastic QR card which can break into multiple pieces to be stored separately, say, across bank lockboxes :key:


You need to add user defined asset support. But IMHO this ought to happen anyway. After you do that, it should not require other features.

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XCAT was a good idea… Major Grants Review Committee Candidates MEGATHREAD - #241 by Shawn


It’s definitely ideal to have a trustless zUSD. Maybe something like Maker where the usd is over-collateralized by zec? That would be a mostly trustless model that also avoids the issue of the chain becoming ‘top heavy’, since the value of the usd on chain is always strictly less than the market cap of Zcash.

I think the ability to directly trustlessly swap between zec and zusd on-chain, without using any other chains like eth in between, is very important. If zusd is a killer app for Zcash, we don’t want it to have the platform risk of relying on another chain.

Agree it could be a very good MGRC funded project :slight_smile:


while back, @john-light was talking about a zcash drivechain. wonder if a ZEC drivechain could enable zcash to deploy a decentralized oracle?

also, not 100% sure, but have a feeling a drivechain might help enable zcash to build stable ZEC currency units

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More Litewallet functions - these are relevant to my current project, its a ‘selfish list’ :slight_smile:

  • generate viewkeys so lite wallets can subscribe to services
  • zaddr integration with mobile contacts
  • memo integration with mobile messaging
  • QRcode/URI standard

if i remember my history correctly, believe the original purpose of a drivechain was to help enable bitcoin hivemind (bitcoin prediction market). being a huge fan of prediction markets; wonder what a multidimensional event derivative would look like on zcash.

@john-light wrote an article about Drivetrain: The difference between the Zcash XCAT project and a Zcash-like Drivechain


if we did build stable currency units - would probably look more like nubits than USDT, etc. if you’re interested, here’s a good post on nubit’s failure to maintain it’s peg

Zusd is a great idea, a shielded stablecoin is still missing on the market. There are few projects working on it like XDAI and if I remember well Tornado Cash team is also working on a shielded stablecoin on Ethereum.

Another thing I would like to see is at least 50% usage of shielded transactions. Despite the high fees on Ethereum you can see how high is the demand for privacy by looking at Tornado Cash utilization.

Other points in this thread are also very valuable.


I’m super interested in rates of Tornado Cash usage, but that link is password protected. Do you have another source? Or can you post a screenshot?

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Sorry I fixed the link.

Anyhow you can just go and click stats in the top menu.