I'm leaving ECC

Hi all,

I wanted to share that I am stepping away from ECC in order to spend more time with my family and to support my wife in her new career.

This decision hasn’t come lightly and I’m going to dearly miss the team at ECC and regularly engaging with the Zcash builder community. I’m inspired and impressed by Josh’s tenure as the new CEO so far: he’s re-energizing ECC and the community, and I have high expectations. This new beginning makes it doubly hard to step away for me.

I’ll continue to remain a part of the Zcash community, as it is a part of my life, though after this initial transition I’ll be unplugged for some time until my new situation settles.

I remain steadfast in my belief in our mission and Zcash’s potential. The timing has never been so critical! We face the possibility of misguided or hostile regulation, Number-Go-Up opportunists claiming that pervasive blockchain surveillance is a virtue, losing adoption to less safe or fraudulent competitors, mobile app gatekeeping, and the spectres of debanking, inflation, and global reserve status fragmentation.

This is the most critical moment to ensure that people, anywhere in the world, have the ability to safely and privately communicate, transact, and save!

Zcash has been a major force in advancing that goal, and it is on the right track to become a much larger force.

I’ll be departing ECC right after Zeboot. I’m excited to step aside and see new ideas, directions, and leadership take Zcash’s mission further and have one last chance to collaborate and brainstorm with such an amazing team.

Farewell for now,
Nate Wilcox

PS: I’ll be giving a short overview of Trailing Finality Layer and Crosslink at Arborist call today and a longer one at Zeboot.


Wowzzza! Thank you for your dedication and hard work all this time, Nate :tada: It was always a pleasure collaborating with you. Enjoy your family time and all the hugs :people_hugging:


Fair winds and following seas. You have done great work with ecc.


Thanks for all your hard work :hearts: :zebra:


Enjoy this new chapter Nate! Grateful for all your contributions to Zcash & always appreciated working with you!


Best wishes Nate. Grateful for all your hard work to advance this technology :zebra:


Thank you for all your hard work and guidance for the core team for all these years @nathan-at-least !

Wishing you the best with your family :sparkling_heart:


Awesome! Family is so important. Enjoy the additional time with them! :tada: