Important: Potential Binance Delisting

Update: I wanted to provide a few updates and highlight some important information regarding the introduction of TEX Addresses.

  • Kris and Daira have updated ZIP 320 to reflect the TEX Address option. It is currently in draft status, but we anticipate it will be approved by ZIP editors and published by the end of the month.

  • Binance has received a copy of the draft ZIP specification and is in the process of reviewing it.

  • As it currently stands, only Binance will generate TEX Addresses. Other exchanges and third-party wallets need to implement parsing code to ensure smooth interaction with Binance and avoid transaction failures.

  • Pacu and I have started reaching out to wallet developers and exchanges to implement this change. We are starting with wallets that support shielded transactions, including Zingo, NightHawk, Edge, and Unstoppable.

  • As Hanh mentioned above, YWallet has already implemented support for TEX Addresses.

  • ECC will integrate support for TEX Addresses into Zashi. If it’s not included in Zashi 1.0, it will be added in a subsequent release soon after.

  • ECC’s mobile wallet SDKs will also be updated to support TEX Addresses, with the release scheduled by the end of March.

I’ll continue providing periodic updates as things progress and new information becomes available.