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I wonder if there is an engineer out there interested in spearheading an integrations team for Zcash?

I know that ECC is focused on making sure that the infrastructure and the wallet SDK are solid. I don’t think it would be wise for their focus to be distracted by other projects.

At the same time I would love to see Zcash integrated with things like Spritz finance so that it can be used more day-to-day.

@thedesertlynx you were already exploring this possible Spritz integration. Any suggestions for an engineer who might be interesting in partnering with you or someone else to lead or help with more integration initiatives? A part or full-time engineer for this purpose seems like it would be funding well spent.

Would love others’ thoughts on this.


Never heard of Spritz finance, but I’m failing to understand the value proposition here… Zcash is about financial privacy, and this requires KYC?

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Interesting. Would you also say that you don’t understand the value proposition of T-addresses, or of being able to buy zcash on Gemini and Coinbase?

For me the value proposition is to be able to use zcash in my daily life via a service that integrates with lots of the businesses I already use – currently I use my bank card with these businesses. I would rather use zcash.

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I don’t think anyone who truly was sold on Zcash being “private” understands the value proposition of T-addresses, if nothing more than for auditing purposes, but in that case, something like Litecoin which is arguably faster and more reliable (e.g.: not subjected to spam attacks and syncing issues) would be a better candidate for doing this type of public transacting.

I also find it kind of alarming that the company “Spritz Finance” chalks up their experience in their “About” page to being “crypto degens”. I guess if I had to choose, I’d trust some bankers over another centralized service that is also saving records of me in some db somewhere.

I don’t want this conversation to get sidetracked with a discussion of the merits of integrating with the traditional financial system :slight_smile:
We clearly have differing views on how integrated into people’s daily purchasing habits we’d like zcash to become. We probably use our zcash for very different purposes, and that’s ok.

To reiterate, I’m interested in an engineer who’d be interested in spearheading an integrations team for Zcash, anyone have any suggestions?


I don’t want this conversation to get sidetracked with a discussion of the merits of integrating with the traditional financial system :slight_smile:

Then I suppose you shouldn’t have asked a rhetorical bait question of whether I understand the value prop of T-addresses.

Good luck with your search.

thanks :+1:

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Hi, we have been working on integrating ZGo with existing applications, so far more oriented to businesses. We have integrations with Xero Accounting and also with WooCommerce for WordPress e-commerce.

I have never heard of Spritz, will have to look into it :grinning:


I love this. Have you had much success approaching other point of sale services that are popular in regular businesses, like Toast? Last I heard they were quite anti crypto integration, and in the past year I noticed many toast businesses updating their tablets so that crypto POS systems couldn’t be sideloaded.
I would love to keep up to date with how these integrations with zgo are progressing, what’s the best thread to follow?


Existing point-of-sale apps seem to all follow a classic walled garden strategy, sadly. They do a lot to lock in vendors, like proprietary hardware and “integrating” only with their own services or their corporate partners’ services, like Toast’s online ordering for restaurants. They are also tightly coupled with credit card companies, so I don’t expect them to ever become crypto-friendly and risk getting cut off from that network. It’s one of the reasons our first iteration was creating the retail point-of-sale functionality.

We post our news on our website and also on our Mastodon account. We also post our milestone progress reports on the Zcash Community Grants section of the forum.


If you want I can arrange a quick call. After speaking with Zooko, probably the best way of integrating is plain old T-addrs (since the company doesn’t need extra privacy and the customer can send from shielded), so it should be pretty straightforward to tell them how to integrate.

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Dropping in to say, after seeing the SEC call out Dash for touting their integrations, it is probably best to have a Zcash integrations team (which I’ve also thought has been needed at both a social and technical level!) that is not related to ECC or ZF at all (other than soliciting advice ofc). I’m not an expert on the Dash situation, and maybe they had third-parties responsible for their variety of integrations, but just sayin’.

In addition to technical assistance, I’ve always thought it would be nice to have someone researching all of the industries that might understand the value prop of Zcash easily but just need assistance getting started (grey area industries?) Putting down some sort of concrete list of ideas for integration would probably be helpful for organization’s sake, if it hasn’t been done already.


Thanks, I’ll keep an eye on those sites!

I think that sounds awesome, Joël. Please do let us know how you go!

I think this sounds like a great idea. Joël has taken the lead spearheading this particular integration, but perhaps there are other he might explore after this one, and then seek support from the community where needed. @thedesertlynx?

I’d be happy to participate, if we can help them to add Zcash to their options, it’s a win for the ecosystem.


That’s super awesome! Are you connected with @thedesertlynx? I’m happy to connect you privately

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Sure let’s chat.

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