IRL Zcash Community Hub in Downtown Austin, TX

Good day Zcash Community!

We at CryptoLearnLab hope you are well. Please consider our grant request to become a real-life educational & promotional hub for the Zcash Community in Austin, TX.

CryptoLearnLab hopes to host six monthly Zcash Community meet ups at its downtown ATX location during the second half of the year, including one during Consensus 2022. Additionally, we will host free weekly educational seminars promoting the defining attributes of the Zcash protocol, including preparation and release of related educational content to the community.

We have attached a pdf of the ‘Crypto102_Crypto Ops’ & ‘Crypto103_Bitcoin in Depth’ slides from our Crypto Undergrad course series below as an example of a CryptoLearnLab presentation (Crypto101 slides were too big). Note, tlogs.eth likes to think he adds considerable color to the live presentation :wink: We are filming our first course this weekend and will post here once edited!

102_Crypto Ops.pdf (1.7 MB)

103_Bitcoin.pdf (2.7 MB)

Thanks in advance for the consideration. Visit our website to learn more about Crypto Learn Lab.



Welcome to the forum!

I like the concept of your proposal and I have a few questions:

  • On the educational materials that you produce, will you release it under open source licenses such as CC BY 4.0 and gather community feedback on those? You have indicated that the Zcash community will own the contents.

  • Also, can you share recording or materials from your previous seminars? If there’s any. I think this could be useful for people to gauge the quality of contents Crypto Learn Lab has produced.

  • I understand that you run paid programs, will this Zcash seminars be free to its participants? If not, why?



Hello Tokidoki. Thank you for the kind welcome and considerate questions. Please see our responses below.

  • Yes! Our goal is to open-source any content produced related to this grant request utilizing whatever license the community prefers. We may need assistance from the community in ensuring that is done correctly. I.e do we just state something like ‘released under CC VY 4.0’ in the copy?

  • So we went to upload pdfs of our ‘Crypto101_Defining Blockchain & Web3’ and ‘Crypto102_Crypto Operations’ courses and were notified that new users are unable to upload files. Do you know when that restriction lapses? We made this account today I believe. We hesitate to upload these materials directly to, as it reveals a bit of our ‘secret sauce’ we are trying to monetize… and ultimately would not address the goal of making the files directly available in this forum.

  • The Zcash seminars will be free to all participants. A portion of the grant request funds CryptoLearnLab’s overhead for those sessions. Come one, come all!

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to provide additional clarity.



This is a forum limitation for brand new users to prevent spam. I have bumped up your trust level so you should be able to upload materials. If not you may need to wait for 24hrs for the change to take effect.


I think you should ask the ZCG during this grant process on this matter, I’m not in the ZCG. But to answer your question, personally I think releasing the contents under a CC BY 4.0 or MIT license would allow anyone to share and contribute to it.

To add to what Shawn said, you should now be able to edit your first post and upload docs there. Good luck!


Thanks @tokidoki

I will definitely take note to do that if we are lucky enough to make it that far! We appreciate the well wishes. We added some course slides to the original post. Thanks for the help there @Shawn.


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I took a course with Ty at Crypto Learn Lab and was very impressed with his speaking skills, course outline, and knowledge in regards to the crypto/web 3 world. I took with me a lot of valuable knowledge that I’ve been able to apply/use within my career in the finance industry and personal goals. The space itself is also amazing and right in the heart of downtown Austin, TX. Fresh space with colorful murals and art on the walls. Perfect spot to host events at! I’ve been to a couple events here and they have all been so fun! Hope to be able to attend some more soon!! :slight_smile:


Crypto Learn Lab has got it all! Ty is incredibly knowledgeable on all things crypto and a great teacher. The space is perfectly curated for hosting events of all kind. Excited to participate in what’s to come!


As an Austin resident, I have really valued having a community space for crypto / web3 at Crypto Learn Lab. Tlogs has mentioned Zcash before and I would be very excited to join the community and learn about the protocol in person!


Crypto Labs was a pretty great learning experience for me. They helped bridge the gap and helped me understand the utility and potential of blockchain tech. I knew some basics before, but having someone explain in person helped me better than a forum or a YouTube vid ever did.


Ty is beyond knowledgeable and experienced within the crypto, blockchain, web3.0 space! He has been in the space since 2015 (at least) back when buying crypto was no easy feat. I took his undergrad course and quickly learned the core principles to understanding the ecosystem and technology. He helped us identify how to evaluate crypto projects, different ways to store/purchase, the foundational concepts of blockchain, and so much more. He is a staple to the Austin blockchain community and his impact is only just beginning.


+1 to all of the praise for Crypto Learn Lab!

Ty is pioneering a timely course series on crypto, from the foundational elements through to savvy tips on safe-guarding your crypto investments. As a former techie, I first heard of crypto in 2013, but didn’t seriously research the topic until more recently. I was lucky enough to meet Ty and joined a brief introductory series shortly thereafter. Ty brings his industry knowledge and educational background to break down the crypto ecosystem in a way that is approachable, tangible, and exciting. He sprinkles in class activities and mini-assignments to encourage hands-on learning. It was so refreshing to have a centralized space and instructor like Ty, rather than the disparate Googling and podcasting I tried before!

So many could benefit from this class!


Crypto Learn Lab has allowed beginner to advance students interact and learn about the crypto world and the opportunities it has to offer. Ty has a gift when it comes to teaching. Complicated concepts become simple and interesting. It will be synergetic movement for the evolution of cryptocurrency to have more outreach, involvement, and hands on education with the publicity of Crypto Learn Lab. I can’t wait for class!

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I dont think this will be a good use of ZCG funds. Meetups are a great thing to bring community together. I am more in favor of ZCG funding Zcash meetups in a coffee shop; a meetup that is specific to Zcash, than a community hub that isnt only about Zcash. Spending money in advance when we dont know how many Zcashers will turn up in downtown Austin… I dont think is a good use of the community’s money.

I do appreciate that you want to hold educational seminars about Zcash and produce educational material. I would get on board with this grant if it only had the educational materials and seminars.


Crypto Learn Lab has been very influential in helping me gain valuable experience & education in the Crypto world. As intimidating as it is to get started & ask questions Ty was very supportive & helpful in taking me from ground zero & teaching me not only the basics but taking me step by step through all my questions that I haven’t been able to grasp on my own. I’m looking forward to my next class with Ty with his expansive knowledge on the subject it has helped me feel more comfortable as I look to continue to expand on my Crypto research & investing.

Continuing the discussion from IRL Zcash Community Hub in Downtown Austin, TX:

Many of us are so inspired to see this grant under consideration!

Crypto Learn Lab is a welcome addition to Austin in this revolutionary and challenging phase of educating people on how to understand ,evaluate, and approach their involvement in Crypto and Block Chain and to focus on the understanding of Zcash.

Austin has always had the pioneering spirit to embrace those who seek to build, create and innovate. Crypto Learn Lap is a great example of this with Ty Logsdon at the helm.

This overall curriculum and grassroots approach of Crypto Learn Lab is truly what we need more of.

Ty Logsdon has created a refreshing hands on and personalized approach to teaching the most basic and also the most complex concepts to those just starting to explore this space.

From the awesome physical space in the heart of Austin, to the benefit of having a teacher like Ty who has the formal and practical experience and a true passion for the digital age and blockchain, it is something anyone serious about gaining a working knowledge of this complex science should take advantage of.

It’s going to be great and we all look forward to the ride!

Respectfully ,

San Diego California.

There have been a lot of new joiners to the forum just to post on this thread, welcome new joiners!

But… I put more stock in the thoughts of forum regulars, and I’m not seeing much enthusiasm for this proposal from them.

And I’d be inclined to agree, I couldn’t find much info on CryptoLearnLab online, no reviews etc. other than the website.

I would not be in favor of this one.

But I hope to see some of the new joiners become regulars in the future.


First off, thank you to all of our students and LEARNcommunity members who have posted in support of the experience offered at Crypto Learn Lab. Knowing we are light on google reviews and other info, I asked our community to bring their thoughts to this thread after the request was tabled in the last meeting! At this point, the majority of our community members are relatively new to crypto, and are eager to learn about the protocols that are here to stay, such as Zcash.

@covfefe I definitely appreciate you putting more weight behind the thoughts of established community members, thank you for doing your research on Crypto Learn Lab. For more context, the idea behind Crypto Learn Lab is to offer a physical location for communities such as Zcash to penetrate mainstream audiences. We have a 1,300 sqft street-front retail spot in a historical 5th st. building with murals, gallery-staged art, mounted screens for visuals or NFTs.

I launched the venture in March of this year at SXSW 2022 so it is still the early stages, we do not have any other community affiliations, investors, or grants at this time. It is 100% self-financed by me, this grant request will be my only request for financing until denied. Zcash has been my preferred store-of-value for about five years now, and I would love to be able to go all-in evangelizing for this community.

@gottabeJay I totally respect your concerns about superfluously spending funds on meetups no-one attends. There is no guarantee on attendance at the events, however there is a considerable web3 community here in Austin that we can attempt to tap into. I am a member of ATX DAO which regularly hosts in-person events with +150 attendance. If the timing is right I can pitch the Zcash events there in person. There are also Bitcoin meetups etc. To assuage this worry, I would consider setting a minimum threshold on attendance where the grant does not payout for an event if attendance is under a certain number. Finally I GUARANTEE the community will have way more fun at our spot than in a public coffee shop. We even have a coffee machine!

Additionally @gottabeJay, here are some thoughts on drawing new audiences to the community based on our first quarter. First of all, it is tough to get most retail customers (read my crypto-illiterate friends) to pay for crypto educational seminars, let alone attend. So first off it is great these will be free classes. But I have found success in inviting the public for free events / parties where they begin to identify with the space & community. At the events I am able to light a spark of interest in a casual setting and drive eventual seminar attendance. Only then has attendance been solid at the educational seminars. This is why I think it is important for the events & educational seminars to go hand-in-hand. Put simply learning has to be fun and the students will appreciate the Zcash community providing that opportunity to unwind and celebrate crypto.

TLDR: the real holy grail in my mind is to draw in audiences that did not know they needed or wanted to know about crypto before attending. What seems to work is to draw the crypto-illiterate in with a ‘cool’ in-person experience that builds an attachment to the space & community in general, without a slide show or presentation at first. Then they can be incentivized / driven to come back for the educational piece more easily.

Thanks for all the time everyone.


P.S. anyone from the community that would like to come see the space is more than welcome. Our instagram has some decent shots and video @cryptolearnlab.

@cryptolearnlab.eth, after sufficient time for community feedback on the forum, and consideration from @ZcashGrants, the committee has decided to reject this proposal.

ZCG would also like to welcome you and all your students who joined the forum to the Zcash Community and encourage them to stay active here on the forum, and emphasized a willingness to answer any questions you all may have about the Zcash ecosystem.