Is down?

I was running some nodes on the testnet and none of them can currently connect to Is it down?

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Make sure to pull and check out the zc.v0.11.2.z2 branch of our repository, as we’ve updated the code and it is no longer compatible with the old testnet.

To add to ebfull’s info:

For our upcoming alpha releases, we’re not going to go to extra effort to maintain backwards compatibility nor maintain old-versioned-testnet nodes, so if you’re on the testnet be prepared for breakage around once a month or so.

Once we get close to launch we’ll want to start testing and practicing interop and compatibility between releases.


btw I wonder what extravagance the founders will get up to with their testnet bounty…

More seriously though, thank you to the developers for pushing ahead.

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I recompiled using the zc.v0.11.2.z2 tag and my nodes are connected again. However, the networkhashps is reported as 0 and blocks are being mined rapidly (though I am getting none). Is the testnet operating as expected?

I think the testnet is working properly. Ensure that you deleted your ~/.zcash/testnet3/ directory and try another sync. The difficulty was set very low for the genesis block but the difficulty adjustments should sort everything out.

All my nodes appear to synced to the reset test blockchain - block number 7887 a few moments ago. I have tried sending some coins from the testnet faucets and but nothing is arriving.

I don’t think those faucets were updated. :frowning:

But give me your address (or hop in IRC) and I can send you some!

Thanks! Please try sending some coins to mjwvgA6s9r5wdDgfq3BNvs9RMNqrhPKZHP

Sent you 1000 testnet-ZEC (ZET?). :slight_smile:

Success! I received the coins (see transaction details below).

Maybe the new RAM requirements are too much for my nodes running in the cloud, and I am just not mining effectively.

"amount" : 1000.00000000, "confirmations" : 2, "blockhash" : "00bae3a68464dbf7e852845d225d861f7408926c1cf214073c092c5715bc06ec", "blockindex" : 1, "blocktime" : 1460663620, "txid" : "dddfa26864d021c5706a9f7d3984d33ced945c59eb2ecb60eb9faf2cff640c72", "walletconflicts" : [ ], "time" : 1460663558, "timereceived" : 1460663558, "details" : [ { "account" : "", "address" : "mjwvgA6s9r5wdDgfq3BNvs9RMNqrhPKZHP", "category" : "receive", "amount" : 1000.00000000, "vout" : 1 } ]

The RAM requirements on testnet mining are currently very low, so it shouldn’t be a problem. You can watch your own miner’s progress by adding debug=pow to your bitcoin.conf.

I added the debug=pow line to my bitcoin.conf and am following the debug.log with less +F ~/.zcash/testnet/debug.log, but I am not seeing any pow messages. Generate is definitely set to true. I do see messages about unsupported network nodes, e.g.,

2016-04-14 22:02:39 Cannot connect to t6xj6wilh4ytvcs7.onion:18333: unsupported network 2016-04-14 22:02:56 Cannot connect to it2pj4f7657g3rhi.onion:18333: unsupported network 2016-04-14 22:03:14 Cannot connect to i6y6ivorwakd7nw3.onion:18333: unsupported network 2016-04-14 22:03:21 UpdateTip: new best=01d238056105339f9a89686c95823e874e0c9d5fc871783705dc17e93345443c height=8167 log2_work=16.634613 tx=8171 date=2016-04-14 22:03:14 progress=1.000000 cache=2.4MiB(8169tx) 2016-04-14 22:03:33 Cannot connect to ubqj4rsu3nqtxmtp.onion:18333: unsupported network 2016-04-14 22:03:50 Cannot connect to nkf5e6b7pl4jfd4a.onion:18333: unsupported network 2016-04-14 22:04:08 Cannot connect to it2pj4f7657g3rhi.onion:18333: unsupported network 2016-04-14 22:04:23 UpdateTip: new best=00f5fb869faa6170f5d05fcd0cdf4358a3db21c3ca3d97078a45bde5a3605046 height=8168 log2_work=16.636426 tx=8172 date=2016-04-14 22:04:15 progress=1.000000 cache=2.4MiB(8170tx) 2016-04-14 22:04:26 Cannot connect to i6y6ivorwakd7nw3.onion:18333: unsupported network

Are these messages related to pow?

2016-04-14 22:12:00 Round 3: 2016-04-14 22:12:00 - Sorting list 2016-04-14 22:12:17 - Finding collisions 2016-04-14 22:12:32 Round 4: 2016-04-14 22:12:32 - Sorting list

Yes, those are the PoW messages, showing the Equihash solver running :slight_smile:

Yep, I am seeing some more

2016-04-14 22:13:33 Solutions: 1 2016-04-14 22:13:33 CreateNewBlock(): total size 1000 2016-04-14 22:13:33 Running ZcashMiner with 1 transactions in block (242 bytes) 2016-04-14 22:13:33 Running Equihash solver with nNonce = 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

So I am at a lost as to why I have not mined a block yet.

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